Toyota Lease - Able to drive to Mexico?

Hi All!

I have a CA Toyota lease and was wondering if I can drive the car to Mexico for a day or 2.

Are there any restrictions?


What does it say in your lease agreement? Is your lessor TFS, credit union, or some other?
It’s unlikely your agreement allows it as lessors take a pretty dim view to their property leaving the country. Might want to check with them.

And does your insurance provide coverage outside the US?

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I can’t image the captive caring assuming insurance will cover it.

This is just one:

IANAL but I’m sure we’ve all seen such language in some form :grin:

Edit: GMF and Chase have similar verbiage. All OP needs to do is check the paperwork and decide what to do

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Does anyone’s? Everyone I know who drives in that direction gets a separate policy.

The lease agreement is the bigger hurdle.

Captives care about their assets disappearing.

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Simply put, it’s only against the rules if you get caught


Have a friend driving his lease in Canada for the last 2 years…

And hopefully he doesn’t have a warranty event.

fingers crossed…

I’ve driven multiple leased vehicles into Canada for extended times. You can request a special insurance card for Canada/Mexico as well. Doesn’t effect rates.

but they all limit you to 30 days (officially) , correct?

Brief search shows different agreements between the 2 countries. Canada is as long as you hold tourist status which is 6 months. Mexico seems like only a certain number of miles from the border and limited days. This is for insurance.

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