Toyota Highlander XLE AWD Leasehackr score 12.9

Just got this deal for my wife

2016 Toyota Highlander - Seats 8
XLE AWD $40,265 MSRP Mica Gray / Ash
Neg Cap Cost $35k (13% off) even
$650 Acq fee
$421 All fees - DMV and License
Oregon - no sales tax
MF .00099 and Residual 68%
36k 3years 12k per

Would have been $292/mo without MSD’s but included is $1,200 or 4 MSD’s. Fully Refundable at lease end.

So out of pocket $421 DMV + First Month + MSD’s was $1,934. I did the Gap insurance as well.

LeaseHackr score of 12.9
Good deal


Great deal! Thanks for sharing.

Dyl, did you drop the mic on your way out of the dealership?

Call and cancel the gap insurance, you still can. I got it for $40 a year through my insurance company. Vs the $600 the dealership wanted to charge me.

Thanks I just sent them a note. Appreciate it.

Mic. Dropped.


I really like the Highlander, but I’m afraid the type of deal you’ve received is not something attainable anywhere near where I am.

I pulled this off a local dealer’s site that is advertising $200/mo leases on Highlander XLEs.

So yeah, it’s doable, as long as you’re putting 12K down.

Who the hell does that on a lease?

Credit score of 800 and above required too … that is like “top top top tier” :slight_smile:

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Haha that’s one of the many reasons why Southeast Toyota is so terrible to deal with.

Did they give you the 35k without incentives/rebates? Because if you get incentives and rebates, the monthly payment would drop even further.

Has anybody pulled off a Highlander deal in FL?

I drove it recently and loved it.

Awesome deal! I’m in the Oregon area as well. What dealership and salesperson did you use?

Ha. I tried in Florida, not happening with SET. Deal came out around 430$ a month with 0 down 12/36

Sorry just saw this. We live in Portland but went to Capital Toyota in Salem. They actually will negotiate with you. I found a few toyota dealers that didn’t want to negotiate and I laugh them off since I understand leasing and the financials.