Toyota Highlander limited - is the a good price

Is this a good deal? I am in New Jersey. It is for a 2016 limited V6 AWD. 450 with a 1k down.
36 month lease for 12K miles.
$1k due at signing which includes first payment, acquisition fee, document fee and title. The $450 month includes tax. The MSRP is 45,520 and the Cash price would be $41,173. No MSD’s.

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Sounds ok to me. Search forum for other deals people got. Seems like a good discount off msrp.

Looks pretty solid, a 1% deal which is indicative of a good lease deal. Almost 10% off MSRP. Perhaps you can get a little more off because it is a Limited but not as easy to get at the beginning of the month. MSD’s would lower it even more but apparently some Toyota dealers are saying they can’t or won’t do them. Doesn’t hurt to ask.

What’s the base MF?

If you put down max MSD, what’s the payment difference ?

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I signed up to give you the contact for DCH Toyota in North Brunswick, the internet manager was straightforward and gave me hands down the best deal but we went in a different direction. Give him a shot: