Toyota fuel pump recall

Hi all, I’ve never had to deal with a recall for a leased vehicle and wanted to gauge what the community thinks is the smartest idea.

I’ve got a 20 Corolla that is included in the recall but when you take it to the dealership do they just take the car back like a return? (I know this might be stupid question)

I’ve wanted to sell it via carvana etc but I’m upside down for the time being (had the car about 10 months now). My windshield is cracked and needs to be replaced and I’ll probably be ok eating that but I do want to get into a bigger vehicle (wife’s car and family just added another munchkin).

Any advice or what I’m thinking about the process is it just me being an idiot?

Wife loves the car but she’ll love a bimmer more lol so I’m not in some kind of forced situation. Just looking for the best option for now. We can keep the car the whole duration of the lease but if I can get my babies into something more comfortable then why not.

When they do a recall, you bring the car in and they fix the problem. They don’t take the car back.


Yessir, that is correct

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Aw man i was hoping it was an unfixable problem! Thx gents, I guess she wins this round and gets to keep her car!

That still needs to be fixed before turn-in or they’ll bill you for it. Your choice…

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When you dealt with a recall for a financed vehicle, did the manufacturer take the car back?

If they fuel pump is being recalled, then they will replace or fix the parts in question.

I’ve never dealt with a recall for a vehicle. Leased or financed or owned. I swear I’m not a complete idiot. :grin:

The closest I’ve seen buybacks are during the VW diesel scandal. Even during the Takata airbags issues, buybacks were not discussed. It has to be something totally egregious or criminal…

I promise this won’t be your last.

Make an appointment with Toyota service and take it in. When you call, they can explain what the campaign is and how long it will take.

Get that windshield fixed.

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