Toyota Deals in Los Angeles - Dimitri Azatov, Retail & Broker deals

Hello everyone. My name is Dimitri and I moved to Toyota Of Glendale in March 2021.
I have over 15+ years of experience & over 5,000 Sold Toyota cars.
I work with Auto Brokers
Credit application link:

**To get a Quote, please PM / text or email
(213) 543-7393

Dimitri Azatov
Fleet Sales Manager

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Welcome to LH Dimitri. You’ll likely find more success in this community by providing deal information upfront rather than just providing quotes. Toyota obviously prevents you from advertising those deals publicly, so take a look at how your competition here handles things. This can be a great resource for driving volume sales, but most here expect a different kind of interaction with a dealer than you’re likely used to.


Hey do you have any highlander hybrid xle? also do you ship to sf bay area?

My mom is looking for a 2021-2022 Sienna LE/XLE lease with a 2013 Sienna LE trade in. Do you happen to have any refreshed Sienna in stock?

Hi, I’m looking for Sienna XLE/XSE, can you PM me the best price?

Thank you!

Hey Pratash, None available. will have some late this month early next.

Hello Tom. All Siennas that are incoming are already Sold/ on Hold. Please check back with me in a week or so. Sorry about that

hello there. Im out of them probably for few weeks or so.

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Thanks Dimitri

Hello @Dimitri-Azatov How does lease look like for Rav4 LE and XLE for 12k/36 with 1K drive off? I qualify for college grad rebate. Please PM me or share here

Any crew cab tacoma 4wd. 10k/36 no drive off? Qual for college and military rebate. Thank you

color preference green or gray

want to finance a new Venza. Black

Can I get a quote on a Corolla hatchback?

unfortunately none available. earliest shipment next month

what trim are you interested? have incoming LE model

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none in stock. All hatchback allocated and will see next month

yea, LE model black one

Hello, you asked me to check back with you in a week. Do you happen to have any new Sienna LE/XLE?


Did not get a response

Any deals on Toyota Highlander xle…. 0 due at signing