Toyota Camry Se hybrid

Codys listed offer on the camry se hybrid is perfect for our budget…but he is sold out. Anyone else able to match? We want to get the car asap before incentives change. There are quite a few camry se hybrids around me.

Also, do ya’ll recommend Gap coverage? Ive always had it factored into my TFS leases due to how shitty in people drive around here and the likelihood of someone being uninsured or underinsured is high around my area. Hit and runs are so frequent here too.

I would, but I’d also get it through my insurance rather than through Toyota who charges way too much for something that every other brand includes in their lease.

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While you never know what will happen in next month’s incentives, chances are even with the RV drop, Toyota March offers are more likely than not to be better than Feb offers since March is a Toyota event month.

It’s taking a chance, but just saying that I would just wait til March when Cody has inventory again. Just my 2 cents.

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Who’s this directed to? Brokers and dealers? Then it belongs in the thread titled “All Wanted Ads Belong Here”

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