Toyota Camry Battery

Hello everyone, I have a family member that has a 2019 Camry that they purchase back in 2019 is it common for the battery to go out already? No light on the dash yet but the headlight blink once you start it and make a clicking noise. Also the radio isn’t working

Heat and cold kill batteries. If the car is in one of the areas that is extremely cold right now, the battery is probably done.

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3 years isnt an unreasonable amount of battery life.

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Yep, three years sounds about right - especially with vehicles being essentially computers on wheels (that draw extra power). If serviced at the dealer, they will ordinarily include if the battery is close to needing replacement (i.e., battery condition - health, actual cold cranking amps, factory spec cold-cranking amps, etc.).


The car is garage kept in Florida right now Florida is 30 degrees.

What you don’t know is: how many times has it previously run dead? When was it checked last?

If it’s just low, sometimes it can be charged/reconditioned, but if the voltage level gets too low — it’s dead-dead. Sometimes it’s a charging/alternator issue, sometimes is a phantom drain (lights left on, dash cam, etc).

If it’s under warranty still, have Toyota check the battery and alternator. Still: three-ish years is not an unreasonable lifetime at all these days.

Never run dead or had any problems, they never opened the hood since its service at Toyota for the past three years. They have a dash cam that’s always plugged in but I know Toyota doesn’t make the car cigarettes lighter have power when the car is turned off.

Toyota batteries are meh in my experience. Had a Lexus GS that went through 2 batteries during the first 4 years and guess what, only the first one was covered under warranty. Ended up buying a decent battery from AutoZone or Costco or something and didn’t have future issues


Not sure where your family member is located but I had a battery give up on me a couple of years ago on Thanksgiving night. AAA has a service where they will bring a battery to you and install it, the price was reasonable.

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