Toyota Announces Drdvgs's next purchase, the H2 Minivan!

Hydrogen Minivan!

Though with a range of 124 miles per load…it needs some help.

And considering 10 out of 27 stations are out of H2, this is sorta bad if it ever comes here.


Toyota likes pain

Maybe they should switch strategies from “hydrogen to ICE” and instead go with “methane to ICE.” So the driver can eat a bunch of bean burritos before their trip and extend their range.

Is this coming to the US or staying in Australia?

From what I’ve been reading trucking industry is liking hydrogen for trucks in limited experiments vs EV, which probably needs to be taken with a grain of salt as everything about renewables nowadays. This maybe Toyota’s hedging power sources because if trucks move to hydrogen, that means that there will be infrastructure to support it. I’m going to take a guess that Japan doesn’t have raw materials for EVs, so for them to be independent of others they need hydorgen to work at least locally.