Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro-24/12 $495/Month + Tax w First and Plates DAS

2019 Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro
MSRP: $48,262
Sale Price: $41,786
24 Months/12K
Monthly Payment: $527.87 (Includes 6.25% Tax and Gap)
DAS: $660.37 (First, Title, Plates)

Can you share dealer info? Please PM me. That is an insane deal on a trd Pro.

I see you just joined 14 mins ago.

Im a broker so I cannot share that info.


I’ve been watching the forum for a long time. Never had a reason to join until now. Can you help me with a deal like that? I’m in Washington.

Give him some money and he will be more than willing to share the info :slight_smile:

More than happy to do that if he can find me a similar deal.

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I had two of these listed for about 3 weeks.

I took one and someone from outside of LH took the other.

Sorry! Would have loved to send it to you.

If you’d like it in 7 weeks, it’ll have 1000 miles and I will gladly transfer it for a $2000 incentive, plus the $200 TFS transfer fee.

Ive heard from a very reliable source these go for $900/month on the West Coast. So, I’ll prob throw it on SAL.

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Thanks but only interested in a brand new one. Plus, the payment to you and the cost of shipping from the east coast won’t make this worthwhile.

Alllllllrighty then.


Damn insane deal to to expensive all in a matter of a hour haha


Wants everything for nothing :slight_smile:

In all fairness I did have it listed for hackers before taking it for myself.

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Well let me know when this becomes available

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Ill get you one in socal for only $800mo :slight_smile:

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Toyota requires 2 months

Call it August 1 and it’ll be ready to roll with no more than 1000 miles

That’s just like @Bostoncarconcierge first he takes my Jaguar wagon, now he takes another customers TRD pro…I say we ban him haha

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Yooooour Wagon!?

In all fairness, I posted more of those too. And not a single taker.

I have all of the documentation to prove it haha

Congrats! Love that! Would dang near be a perfect vehicle if Toyota would throw the 4.6 in those.
I have wanted a 4runner for a long time, but could only reasonably afford (payment wise) an older one with high miles.

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Thanks man!

It’s a very unique vehicle for the enthusiast.

I haven’t seen a center stack like this, especially in a $50K car, in quite some time


If another one coema available, please let me know. Thx

Center stack looks great, and rugged like the rest of the vehicle. Large knobs :grin: and buttons for gloved hands and such. I like it.

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