Toyota // 2022 Rav4 Hybrid vs. 2022 Venza

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I know the market is really tough right now, but does anyone have any suggestion on if I can get a better deal on a 2022 Rav4 Hybrid vs a Toyota Venza? I saw Venza’s look like they have a higher residual value to lease but wasn’t sure what the market up on MSRP is on Toyota’s right now (if any given this crazy market). If one car much more in demand than others? I’m located in Southern California.

Toyota is making very few Venza’s for the US market. Rav4 is more in demand, but there are also many more being built.

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Im doing $1500 over MSRP on Venzas and about $4000 over MSRP on Rav4 hybrids if you want one for April/May. Both are high in demand

Both are much better as purchases, you can always sell it after 3 years and capture the equity on them

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Neither. Your best bet in this segment is to purchase/finance a RAV4 Prime as close to sticker as possible and capture the federal tax credit.


Unlikely you’ll find a Prime at MSRP before fed credit starts getting cut. 3-4 months ago you might have but now the waitlists are up to 12 months at MSRP dealers.
Generally better chance of getting close to MSRP with an SE. XSE even crazier markups.

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