Toyota 2021 Sienna Lease

I’m looking to lease a 2021 Toyota Sienna; 36 months; 12,000/year miles.
I’ve received a few quotes from. 3 different dealerships.

This is the best one although I don’t have all the information to make sense of everything:

Pre-Order for Mid-July
MSRP: $37,196

$1,000 security deposit
$529.60/month with $0 down payment
Sales Tax: $2,718
Dealer Doc: $299
Registration: $252.50
Residual: 65%
Money Factor: .00138

I think this is an okay deal. With the current market I’m wondering if I should wait until August.

I’m currently in the process of buying out the lease on my Nissan Sentra and netting $2,500 of equity from it.

I can wait until August to get a car or I could order one now…

What do you think I should do?

Base le. Text me early June and I’ll see what I can get it for. Even shipping it fkr $1500 to Utah I should save you a grand or so.

Cool, I’ll reach out next week.

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