To put money down or no?

Alright folks, time to pull the trigger. My current lease ('20 Silverado\GM Financial) goes up in a month but the final payment was made already. Got a couple of quotes from local dealers and sitting around $6k equity (all within $100). One option I am looking at is leasing a Wrangler 4xe although some of the deals are dwindling as 23s start to sell out in TX. At least with the color\options that I want. So, if I were to go this route, would it be worth it to throw the equity in my truck plus a little extra down to bring cap costs down on a 4xe, then turn around and finance it. My thought is to start at the lease because there are still some decent incentives including the $7.5k EV credit. Or better to not put money down, finance and then just payoff a good chunk of the Jeep with my down payment?

Thoughts or comments welcome.

I’d go with this.

But are you making sure you’re not going to get taxed twice ?

For the lease option part of it, I was going to try to get taxes rolled into the payment so that I am not paying them up front.

It doesn’t matter. Rolling them in just means your lease payoff will be higher.

Paying 6.25 + 6.25 = 12.5% of a car’s price as tax is really punitive.

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Then what would be the best solution to not get double taxed?

Buy a gas vehicle, finance it right from the get-go.

I guess it ccomes down to the math and discounts given. Depending on whether the EV rebate is bigger or smaller than the taxes.

It’s more than that. PHEV trims usually come at a huge premium over the gas models.

Havent shopped around for Jeeps lately I take it.

Let’s discuss numbers

Sure thing. Wrangler Willys 4xe or gas around here go from 58-61k MSRP (using most common price). About the same on pretty much any trim in my area regardless of PHEV or gas. Even with 10% off of MSRP on a gas model wont equate to the EV rebate on the 4xe.

You’ll have way higher depreciation on a 4xe than you will on a gas.

Thanks. And was wondering about that. I know that EVs depreciate like a mother. Wasnt sure if that was the case for the 4xe as well since it is primarily gas and only a small battery.

So, going by the depreciation, would it matter on the 4xe in 10 years? Really plan on keeping the vehicle a few years after it is paid off.

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