To lease or not to lease now

To anyone, I need some help. I’ve lurking here for a month now and I’m blinded trying to get a cheap but reliable sub $250 car or an suv and I always bypass the s60 since I remember they were outdated but they just remodeled for the 19. With the $3k incentive from Costco, should I get it an S60 by the end of the month or wait for my lemon buyback finalization of my volt. It’s been there for 42 days now and I started the process 2 weeks ago. I only have 8 payments left at $168/month. Worst comes to worst I’ll be paying the remaining lease for my volt and pay extra $80/month insurance. Help me decide before I start bugging any Volvo dwalership

You’re not going to come close to $250 on an S60. You also only get the $3,000 on aT6 Inscription or R-design. Those start at nearly $50,000. Plan on spending significantly more.


I know that, there’s no good $250 out there but great deals are great deal like probably this one. I haven’t checked the numbers yet but I think it’s a good-great deal this month.

Realistically, what are you expecting? You’re still not going to be at $400, unless you’re in a state with extra incentives, maybe you can come close.

A base R-design is $48,040; Inscription is $49,040, and the ones with no options are pretty much none.

California has a $1,000 incentive and $1,000 conquest. The cheapest one I found near LA is $48,880, which is going to put you at around $440 after tax.

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Not that bad, I need to try the car this weekend. I saw the $48k. What’s the target msrp before incentive. I have the conquest and living in California. I wanna get that $3k Costco incentive.

I wouldn’t rush, nothing is stellar right now. If you don’t need a car I would wait.

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For $168 a month and $80 a month in insurance you are already winning. Stay with the 8 remaining payments and wait out for a better deal. Who wouldn’t be happy paying less than $250 with insurance to drive at that monthly rate!!

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@joeblogs you might be right. Maybe GM will give a run around on my buyback. But if it’s a go this wednesday, I need to be ready.

That was the famous Asian conquest lease for the volt. And it’s on the shop and driving a suburban as a loner for that price for 42 days now. Still winning.

There’s a $4,500 incentive on Lexus ES 350 F Sport right now. I think I saw brokers at effective $440’s on the $49k cars. If you’re happy with a $45k car even lower payment is possible. They’re pretty damn nice if you can live with FWD.


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