Tire Warranties

I recently leased at EQS SUV and from what I know those tires go pretty quick. I signed up for tire warranty with the dealer, $1600, not through MBUSA. Now that I think about it more it does not make sense to pay for effectively 4 new tire pre emotively. I saw America’s Tires, Costco and Sam’s offer a similar warranty on new vehicles and it is a lot cheaper. Any thoughts or experiences with those services? Thanks in advance!

Discount Tire/America’s Tire will sell you road hazard warranty. You just need to pay for installation if you utilize it. I believe it’s $20 per tire now. They will do it for new vehicles.


There are generally two types of tire-related products sold in the finance office and neither one covers the other.

One is for wear and the other is for hazard.

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That’s a good point
I am not sure which I bought … is that listed in the contract ?

Any experiences with Costco or Sam’s or americas tires to share?

They do that even if you don’t buy the tire from them?

Yes. Not sure what is the mileage cut off though.

Damn do you have a link to show where this is?

My experience this time is for a new car they charge you based on what tire the care has
It came to about the cost of one tire for me

$20 I believe is you get the tire from them

Call your local store. My store extended that offer to me when my new vehicle only had 300 miles and I was getting some air on it.

My concern is if they honor it as advertised or they are know for playing games

You get a receipt for buying the warranty. Never had any issues with Discount Tire or America’s Tire with 8 vehicles.

Some of the tire manufacturers are now including road hazard protection with the tire itself,no matter where you buy it.

I got bored tire shopping and deferred my purchase, so I no longer remeber which brand. I was looking at Conti and Michelins iirc, and I think it was at least one of those two.

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You probably paid for the tire & wheel warranty which covers both tire and wheel DAMAGE. Not tire wear. Ask dealer for the product brochure and call that 3rd party company to confirm what ur paying for.

Look into coverage through AAA. I just had to make a claim for a popped tire and took the car to the dealership and they were able to handle. The coverage from AAA is through Smart Autocare.

I have aaa coverage and popped tire as well. Called some local tire shops and non of them work with smart autocare.