Tire and Wheel Insurance

Can anyone recommend a company that sells tire and wheel insurance?

Is it possible to get it after I leased my car already.

Thanks in advance

why? are you notoriously bad about scuffing up wheels? More often than not, it’s not worth the price.

I never buy one, but saw an XC90 with 21"-40 wheels/tires and would definitely consider buying insurance on this one.

I do over 25k per year. Last car was an mkz and popped a few of those 19’s

I got wheel and tire on my prior Q60 RS after reading that the tires are prone to failure and each rim costs $700 to replace. It was a DOWC policy through the dealer and it paid itself back pretty quickly.

I would say with the miles you drive, it would be a good idea. Other factors are the road conditions where you drive and if you have low profile tires, which makes it easier to dent the rims in potholes. You should be able to get a policy, maybe contingent on when you got the car and how many miles it has. What stopped you from getting it when you leased the car?

Look for a policy that pays for dings and key fobs, too.

They didn’t sell it as a separate package. What should it cost and do you know of any companies that sell them?

We’re all about hacking here, so if you damage the wheel somehow, hack a used wheel on ebay for $150-200.


Most tire places will sell you road hazard for the tires when you need a new set. It usually isn’t that expensive to get a wheel refinished, just wait until the end of the lease and see what the inspection says about it.

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Call some dealers that sell the make of car you have in your area. I’d look for a package that pays for tires/wheels/dents/key fobs for $500-600, assuming your lease is 3 years.

Thanks all. Will look around and post results.

Any luck? Looking for this as well

I had the dealer add the package to the lease. I hope not to have to use it. They mentioned that it is a 3rd party insurance company and not the package that is offered by the manufacturer.

Hey Jay…I was looking into that package as well since my car has 19" wheels…what was the cost on that insurance coverage?

I had it on my last car but this time they didn’t even bring me.to the guy that offers all those third party warranties. I called back the dealership about 2 weeks later and they said it had to be added at the time of the lease…for the basic tire and rim warranty they wanted $595…the excess wear and tear package was around $800

It was approximately 650 after tax. I was able to include it in the lease being that the dealer didn’t submit the papers yet to the bank.

Oh you caught it just in time …it’s been almost a month now and I’m sure the papers have been submitted to the bank by now…I’m going to try and call tomorrow to see what they can do.

I have a 2017 Audi S7 and ended up buying the Audi Wheel and Tire insurance after I badly scuffed one of the 20" rims. They still offered it after I took the lease and it didn’t appear as if there was any time limit to purchase it. I have a 36 mth/ 45k lease, and the tires themselves are $400 each. Cost was $1,170 - not a great deal but I’ve already recouped the cost. I drive the streets of Philadelphia with lots of potholes. Blew out one tire completely that needed replacement; sidewall of one tire bubbled out after another pothole, so that one was replaced; and have had two rims fixed for curb rash. The insurance covers whatever tires/rims are on the vehicle at the time of the repair, so even my winter tires are covered.

Just find your own wheel repair contact. I found a guy who would charge me $50 a wheel to refinish it. He basically goes to dealerships to refresh wheels for dealer used cars.