Tips to obtain a SUBARU under MSRP

Yup. That was me.

Got a generous 50k for my 22 Sahara and 5k off a sweet silver premium WRX.


Hope they do the same in 2024 to clear out the 2023 wrx!

My wife lease is coming to an end in August on her subaru forester. What is the best thing to do? Return it to dealer?

See what it’s worth for a 3rd party buyout vs. handing over the keys List of places to sell or value your car online. Possible there’s some equity.


I’d take that in a heartbeat today;). Nice job!

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(We have a one-pay ‘22 Sahara 4Xe with 84xx miles.)

Unfortunately this was end of March when dealers were blowing out the 22s. But I ended up with a silver premium with harman kardon and sunroof a check for positive equity and a low payment.

I also had a one pay but couldn’t pass up the deal. Ended up ordering a 23 4xe built exactly the same as my 22 for just a little more effective payment.

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Did you end up losing out on the tax and interest for buying out/selling before maturity?

Refunded on unearned interest/rent and taxes. Buyout was only 36k (my one pay was 17) so they handed me a check for 7k and applied 7k and gave me a payment under 200 a month.

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It’s mad quiet in here.

Status update, Dr. Verga. @drdvrgs

Any WRX pre-COVID pt II fire sales?

5k off
Mf is sky high oayment like 350 a month

then get us 7k off to make up for the MF bumps

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$4500 off here in MA on premium trim but in a couple months you might need snow tires for it.

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Glad to see fellow citizens push our Federal government employees (ATF agent in this case) to work for our hard earned tax dollars.

@drdvrgs please keep us posted when you find that dealer willing to do $7k off.

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The MF in the calculator is most certainly wrong as I was unable to find anything for at least $100 more per month from the dealer with vs. the numbers I was plugging in.

Maybe the dealer was inflating the MF? You can ask in Edmunds forum to double check the MF.