Tips to obtain a SUBARU under MSRP

or wait for the third quarter of 2023 and buy one off Mannheim with the remaining of factory or powertrain warranty , all those modes for HP will void the warranty anyway

as s option but make sure frame is not twisted

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or as 3rd option wait for MF to drop and get it for under 300$ with tax in and 0$ DAS , probably end of 2023 or so hopefully

On the 2023? Unlikely. And I wouldn’t bet on the 2nd derivative of any MF being negative (in aggregate) in 2023. Might happen, but the best lease bets are positive if you win and 0 if you lose - that isn’t.

Before that happens:

  • VIP will include WRX
  • VIP will go from invoice back to 2% under

There is always a better deal. And by time machine standards these are not killer deals. I would argue this is the Jan 2023 version of $299 sign and drive WRX bases.

Anyone know if the oil pan RTV sealant issue has been resolved on these 2022s? It seems it breaks off and clogs the oil pickup. Not good for engine longevity.

I was thinking about a purchase but leasing might be the better way unless they have fixed it.

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Interested also. Can you PM what’s in stock (and which are “spoken for”)?

Are you in so cal?

Pretty sure everyone will be leasing this

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NorCal, but I can make it down.

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Actuarially, buying a WRX is a diagnosable illness. 96% of Subarus may still be on the road, the rest :eyes: didn’t live to their disposition date.

Full coverage + GAP + :pray::pray:

I wanna buy it, not lease forgive me LH
Finally quitting McDonald’s after 12 years
Commute will be 30-80 miles depending on job site
At 5k+ off I don’t think there will be - equity

@pter ill PM you



Hit $6k off and I’m in for one too . Will ship back with @hashone on same truck

They still make WR Blue color? Gotta be 6spd too.

I’ll buy you and @Littletuna some In N Out as your broker fee LoL


Also interested from the East coast. Any bases available?

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Put me on that truck also! So what’s the head count now? What kind of doc fee or addons are they doing?

85 doc fee :face_exhaling:
No add ons

Yeah they still make the wr color

@Littletuna :joy::joy::joy:

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Hey Drdvrgs-

which socal dealership offer you the 5k off? can you share? Thanks

I think the safer way is to get Subaru 2023 outback premium and finance it for 48 months.

then flip in a couple of years ,it cash out and do 0$ down on BMW 2024-2025 x3 with 12 % off msrp before rebates buyrate mf and with hyper inflated RV

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I’m down for a group buy (if you guys are actually being serious), hit me up!

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