Tips on getting: 2023 Nissan Pathfinder SL Premium - 18/10 - Effective $484/mo - Northeast


Hi All,

Really wanted to get the SL premium. Heard about these deals for 18 months leases to let the market cool a bit more. Crunched numbers and Figured I’d be about at $8,500 for 18 months for a 48K MSRP.

  1. Call a ton of dealers. I must have called 12. 9 of them wouldn’t even entertain my numbers, 2 said “Oh well come in and we might be able to match” and then 1 said no, but then called me back and said yes.

  2. Have a story on why you’re calling them. Most dealers will bite if you say you’ve already been quoted that number. I usually say “Oh my local dealership has it, but not the color I want” or “They only had the bench, I wanted the captains chairs” or “They gave me that price but I had to wait 3 weeks for it to come in”

  3. When discussing, only talk about the TOTAL price. They would keep trying to get into monthly discounts, or DAS, but then not include doc fees, etc. I kept the conversation on total OTD price for 18 months.

  4. Be a little flexible. My total ended up being $8,712 total. $212 more than I wanted to spend but, it was close enough. Also not the color I would of wanted, but who cares. It’s a pathfinder for 18 months not a long term investment.

  5. Be willing to do the deal asap. All these dealers are on the ‘sell, sell, sell’ mode. So I would always lead with, “If you can match this price today I will come down now.” They want to make the deal today, they don’t want you to take their number and go somewhere else.

  6. Be nice and reasonable. You have to know your numbers and be confident that they are reasonable. Obviously there are limits. Also, the dealer I called first manager kind of said no way. Then I said I appreciate their time, but it doesn’t work for me. An hour later I get a call back from another manager who said they’ll do it.

I know this isn’t such a crazy deal this month, lots of Pathfinder deals, but hope this helps in my strategy at least.


This is the main thing I always preach when making offers for low profit deals. You want to be the quickest, easiest transaction they’ve ever had and you want them to know they can close the deal NOW.

I usually say something like “I can be there in 90 minutes to take delivery if you accept my terms”. Call to action and instant gratification.


I can’t disagree. Sometimes, we focus too much on the numbers we have in mind and might overlook a good deal.

Enjoy your new ride.


:100: Totaly Agree!

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How do you get to the sales manager?
whenever I call the dealership, I always get a sales rep who doesn’t even know the numbers or sometimes doesn’t even know what an MF stands for.

Thanks for sharing! Love your approach :slight_smile: Enjoy the new ride :oncoming_automobile:


Most of dealer websites list new cars sales managers emails under “About Us” or “Meet our team” sections.

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Thanks @winnie_the_pooh ! Luckily it’s worked for my past 3 cars. Saves a lot of headaches at the dealership.

@anique Anique - Every dealership is different. I have noticed the higher end dealership sales people tend to have a little bit more knowledge, but that’s not always true. Most sales people just take your number and run to the sales manager. If they say okay, it’s accepted, you’re good. If not, just ask to speak to their sales manager. Personally I’ve never been denied that request. Usually they bring them in if they can’t close the deal anyways.

As @RustyDaemon said look at the meet our team section. Specifically if there’s a “Internet Manager” or “At home sales” person because they are more familiar with this process. They understand a different clientele then the sales people that try to force a deal when you’re at the dealership.


Congrats. Can you share your numbers? Is that a February deal or one pay from January?

@amatot - February deal, did it earlier this week. I asked about one pay, but there was no incentives this month for that, only a few bucks. Did not ask about MSD. The rogues had bigger one pay discounts because they had worst residual values supposedly.

I don’t have all of the exact numbers, I’m off by a few but this is basically it on Leasehackr calculator.


Thanks for sharing your tips!

I’m always looking to hone/improve my skills for the next deal! : )