Timing for MB Lease Transfer

So I’m toying with the idea of putting my E300 up for lease transfer later this year. I was wondering about the nuances of the dates with MBFS. Is it that:

  1. you can only apply for a lease transfer once the 6-month mark has been reached; or
  2. you cannot have the lease transfer completed prior to the 6-month mark.

I’ve noticed on the MBFS site, I can actually access the lease transfer “Send Credit Application” link, but my lease start date was 6/28/17, so I assume that maybe I cannot really submit it until 12/28.

Thanks in advance.

I’m guessing that you can’t initiate the transfer until 6 mo have passed according to the below from MB’s website. But MBFS should be able to give you a definite answer.

After six months, subject to eligibility and approval, a Transferor may request that a qualified Transferee assume all rights, interests and obligations under the current lease agreement, thereby releasing the Transferor of any remaining payments and lease end charges. In such an event, the Transferee expressly agrees to assume responsibility for all remaining payments and obligations under the lease agreement.


I’ve swapped 2 Mercedes leases and the button typically will always display on your online portal and even if it allows you to click & proceed submitting a transfer, the credit analyst will catch it later.

Well there you go!

I guess it might be a New Year’s Eve deal for someone :slight_smile:

So why are you putting it up for transfer? Also, how much are you asking? Your e300 deal was the deal of the year for that model, curious as to why you want to part with it.

Just toying with the idea. Love the car, but I’m not sure I love it for 3 years. I also don’t drive it much; we’ve done 1900 miles in 3 months. Paying for premium gas for the first time in a long time kinda sucks, too (had an X5 diesel before this).

But I also know I got a deal of a lifetime on it, so just for economics it might make sense to keep it.

If I did transfer, I’d be looking to get 5K upfront and the pmt would stay at the 254+tax, and the assumer would get the 3500 MSD back at the end. At that point there would be 29 mos left and probably 25k miles left.

You don’t actually need premium gas…

It would be interesting to see how much, if any, impact using 87 has on gas mileage compared to 91.

@amasih hey I might be interested if you do wanna get rid of your lease in December! I’ve never leased and only really been reading/researching LH past few months but your deal was amazing that caught my attention. Basically, I give you $5k… take your monthly payment and get back $3500 when I return the car.

I live in Fairfax, VA btw

Everything I have read is that it requires premium; it’s not recommended but required.

Based on that I would not put 87 in it, especially since I know the next person (after the lease ends) might have issues if I did. I know modern cars can adjust for octane, but given it’s a DI high compression turbo, I wouldn’t want to risk it.


I don’t think I’ll have trouble finding someone to take it over if I end up doing so.

As you said, engines adjust. Outside of possible fuel efficiency benefits premium fuel can give (when it’s cheaper) the only thing it does is reduce engine knock which is not something that will matter on 30k miles or so. I also don’t care about the next person buying my leased car, I’ll fart all over the seats too :sunglasses:

If you can’t afford (or want to “save” on) premium gas, don’t buy premium car that requires it. Simple. :slight_smile:


helpful. thanks.

Anyway, I got my question answered, so we can all move on to the next thread(s).

It’s also interesting that people talked about Costco 93 has lower mileage but I didn’t notice any difference for my first tank.

What kind of mileage are you getting on your S90?

About 21city/34highway. Very satisfied with highway mileage.

Thats amazing for an AWD.

I wanted to bump this thread up for one reason only - and that is to provide a data point. On my 2017 C300 which I leased back in January, the Lease Transfer button is visible on my MBFS account. When I emailed AND called MBFS, they told me my lease could be transferred now. I specifically asked about the 6 month waiting period called out elsewhere and they said if it was available in my portal, it could be transferred now.

This seems…fishy. But that’s two people from MBFS providing the same answer. Any ideas here?