Time to close down the MF/RV section?

At this point, it’s obvious that the most relevant info is on the Edmunds forums. Perhaps instead of a whole section here dedicated to MF/RV and incentives, why not instead have a brief explanation of what to ask on Edmunds, with the direct link listed? Also a template would help (bc I see ppl on there routinely forget to include zip code, trim, term, etc.). Here’s what I use:

"Hi can I get the MF, RV, incentives and inception fees (bank/acquisition) for a [YEAR] [MODEL] [TRIM] [ENGINE TYPE] for [TERM (like 36/12)] in [ZIP CODE]?

Thank you!"

Just a suggestion.


We have been entertaining with the idea of bringing Edmunds’ folks onboard to this forum – that’s if Edmunds’ folks agree to be part of this community. Thoughts?


I would agree, but it may cloud up the forum. So have a separate section for them to do their MF stuff maybe best.

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I think it’s a great idea - many of us already bother them with questions on Edmunds. We may as well do it at “Home”. + the eventual extra traffic on the LH platform(?)

Edit: I also agree with nyclife’s comment RE: separate section

That seems like a big job when their forum already accomplishes the job, no?

I’d just assume they’d give priority to their board so responses here may take a while. Seems they only have like 2 mods running the whole place.

Several of us interact with the Edmunds folks as participants on their forums - they’re good guys. Both are actually moderators over at Edmunds, so I’m not sure how that would work from a corporate and logistical perspective.

Also, it’s a lot to manage both sites…

EDIT: also want to add that I think finding a way to have the information here would be great.


Exactly my thoughts. I say we just leverage the robust forum they’ve already built specifically for this purpose and utilize it further by simply directing our users there.

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Correct. Keep that traffic there please. This site is already crowded and we have all seen a sudden surge in newbies. Im sure rhe mods here already have a huge responsiblity dealing with current crowd.
Directing members from here to edmunds for MF and RV info is ideal.

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I’ve noticed quite a few resurrections of old threads with “what dealer, who’s your salesman” questions from members that joined “20 minutes ago”. Not that there’s something wrong with that question, just when it’s asked on very different cars, from different states, it’s, peculiar.