Tiguan 0% MF, worth it?

I see Tiguan has 0 MF but residual on 36mo is 50%, which is a huge drop compared to RAV4 at 65%, but is WV better vehicle, more premium and spacious? Trying to get some ideas from other buyers if one has anything better over another or they are in line?

what are the details for both ?

Apples to oranges in some respects. Toyota and VW drive distinctively different. Neither is better than the other, it’s personal preference. Toyota will hold value better though so if tdas and monthly are the same* and you exit lease early, you’re likely to do better with Toyota. If you just turn the car in at lease end, no difference.

*Best deals on LH for Tiguan S vs RAV LE show the Tiguan is less to lease. So, if you lease a VW you’ll have less upfront cost but also less (if any) equity. It could be a wash, so lease what you like but especially if you choose the Toyota, check with Carvana, Vroom, etc when you are ready to dump the car or just before lease end to see if you can get a check for the equity. No guarantee but it should be much more likely with the Toyota.

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Without negotiating first offers are:

RAV 4 LE 36/10k
MSRP $28,829
$3000 DAS
$650 Aquisition fee
$350 DMV
$961 Taxes
$65 Documentation fee
$209/mo or expected about $310/mo with DMV+Tax+Doc fee DAS.

2020 Tiguan S AWD
MSRP $27794
Sale Price $25280.17
Doc Fee: $468 (NJ)
Advance Payment $329
Upfront Charges $1270.57
Due on Delivery $1599.57 + FIRST month.
$329 x 39 Mo Lease
But their advertised deal is supposed to be 24,620 before Military discount of $500, which should be $24120 and with same terms as above monthly payment should be $286 at 50% RV. My calculator doesn’t really get me $329 with above terms, unless they mark up the MF.

Thanks, Definitely toyota is more likely to have some equity, although nobody can tell how things will be 3 years from now, but it seems like VW dealers are easier to deal with and more willing to respond so far, and we kinda like the way Tiguan looks compared to Toyota at a glance, although VW did skimp out on some of the nicer things like lack of LED lights, could be huge for people in darker areas. I don’t know why they did that.

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LEDs on our Tiguan S surrounded the headlights. Looked cool at night. If you like the way German cars drive, definitely go with the Tiguan. The Toyota is a much more docile and numbing ride.

Both those deals do not look very good, try a broker, or emailing 40 or 50 dealers for their best offer.
There should be trunk money in the Tiguan. $2500 or so in California, no idea in ny. Check Edmunds

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I started with this:

based on this, i would be expecting $24120 as advertised before any negotiation, it’s advertised deal.
Even if we pay everything else at signing, which would be 1st month, Tax $900-$1000, Acquisition $699 and Doc fee $495 = $2400 DAS, should be $271/mo which is not a great deal with $2400 DAS.

Above comes out to 14.6% off MSRP. Should there be more discount on top?

Funny stuff! When we asked the dealer why his offer had higher selling price than the advertised deal on the website, they said that selling price was not for lease…

That’s not unusual… dealers love to wrap every incentive up into their advertised selling prices and the incentives for leasing and purchases are often different.

That’s part of the reason why we stress dealing with pre-incentive discounts and independently verifying all incentives that apply to you before talking to a dealer.

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Have you driven the Tiguan? Three things that I noticed in the SE trim: 1) this thing has way more room than any other small SUV and 2) it is lethargic (though maybe RAV4 is as well) and 3) you have to go up to the SEL trim for an automated tailgate.

Lethargic, anemic, yep. Plus bit of an odd gearing setup. Quirky but agree very roomy and suspension/handling are really great. Really have to drive it, it’s got character but not necessarily for everyone.

It’s a first time car so they have no reference point and no comparison, they’ll just adapt :slight_smile: (my brother’s first car)
I couldn’t believe when dealer asked 2 row or 3 row when I asked them to give me a price for Tiguan S. They actually squeezed 3 rows into that.

It’s worth running the numbers to see if purchasing a 2019 and owning it for 5-6 years makes more sense