Tieroneleasing - NY, NJ, CT, PA

It’s about time I made a review page.
I broker deals primarily for NY, NJ, CT and PA but I can work out deals in other states if you are really serious. I can get pretty much any make and model available out there. You are more than welcome to PM or email me about quotes. Just be sure to include the make, model, mileage, zip code and info about cars you have in the household that may qualify you for loyalty/conquest rebates. If you have a number in mind, please let me know and I’ll tell you if its realistic or not so we don’t waste each other’s time.

Free delivery within 100 miles of NYC
Free grounding of lease returns


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Recently leased an i8 from Amy. Awesome service, upfront about the price and helped me with what can/cannot be added to the deal, worked with me every step of the way, answered thousands of questions, as i never leased such a nice car before, and making sure i got what i wanted and the best price i can get. I never thought i can get an i8 in that price range. What i was really shocked about is how easy Amy made this out to be, hassle-free paper work, explain all the details to me clearly, then a signing that took like than a small coffee break and the car was mine.

You would assume it’s pretty hands-off once the car is in my hands, but Amy followed up, made sure my insurance paperwork was in check(i forgot to send off the window sticker to them), my sat-radio, bmw app is all in order. Frankly all those things are on me, but is nice that they check to make sure i was set. I can’t recommend Amy and Tierone enough.

Thank you!