Thoughts on this Subaru Outback Wilderness Deal?

Hi everyone,

I’m in the market to lease a 2022 Subaru Outback Wilderness, and I talked to one of the highest-rated dealerships in Los Angeles. I know it’s not a good deal at all but please let me know what you think about these numbers ;

2022 Subaru Outback Wilderness
OTD Price : 46,094.43 based on %9.5 sales tax (Zip :90045)
$2000 down 36/10K is 586.83 + Tax
$642.58 with tax

Please let me know what you think.

Thank you!

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MSRP? What does Edmunds have for the residual and MF? Link to calculator?

MSRP = $41,459

This dealership is known for not marking up the MSRP price(!)

Edmund says ;
.00195 MF and 62% RV (But this is from June 28. It could be updated in July. I talked to the dealership today.)

For 36/15K, monthly price is very close with those numbers. But the dealership numbers are for 36/10K



Buy it, finance it with a loan.


It’s also is eligible for 3.9% for 72 months. Have you run the financing calculation to see if avoid acquisition and disposition (while paying the sales tax up front instead of on the payment) makes sense?

MSRP on an in-stock Wilderness is about as good as it gets without VIP - they aren’t excluded but unlikely to work on an in-stock unit.

Post on Edmunds to get July MF and run the calculation to ensure the MF isn’t marked up.

Thank you for the advices!


Let us know what you decide. I just financed an Outback Limited XT a couple weeks ago, my first non-lease in 18 years, and so far I’m not regretting it. Picking a good dealership makes all the difference. Good luck.


I really appreciate it. I want it to be my first lease this time. Not a good time for sure. But trying to see if I can find a “not so bad” deal. If not, I will check financing options.


If you do decide to lease, Chase (Subaru Motor Finance) currently still allows third party buyouts, Outbacks in general hold their value, and demand for the Wilderness had been strong. I doubt you would have much trouble exiting this lease early if you chose to.


yes, absolutely. That’s what I thought. But would be great If I could get a good deal on it. Posted on Edmund. Let’s see what is MF/RV for July.

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this is what Edmund says:

.00219 and 65%

What’s causing the OTD price to be $4500 more than the MSRP? In CA, you pay tax on the monthly payment, not the selling price.

I will talk to dealer again and see what they are saying

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You also pay sales tax on the avg between Selling Price and RV. But that only accounts for 2-3k

Maybe this dealer isn’t selling at msrp :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


That’s what I think. Requested full lease quote written.

So that OTD price they gave is for cash purchase apparently.

They’re still at MSRP, and surprise they loaded it up with $744 in accessories (plus the roof) you may or may not have wanted (that dome like is $12, I just upgraded the one in my trunk). That said, because it’s on the Monroney, they are residualizable, so you’re “only” paying 45% of the cost (assuming you hand it over at disposition).

If you need this Wilderness now, this is about as good a deal as it gets, though I’d still run the numbers and maybe finance it.

If you want a Wilderness but don’t need it now, I’d see about VIP pricing and order exactly what you want (unless this is exactly what you want) and save a few thousand. Doubtful they’ll let you get VIP and apply it to this in-stock unit. They delivered two of them the day I picked up my XT.

Where is your head at?


I can definitely wait. If I’m going to get a Subaru, it’s going to be Outback Wilderness for sure. Yeah, I agree, this is about as good as it gets if I want to get it now. I’m gonna wait until fall and see what the market looks like then.

Thank you again!

Why not get yourself eligible for VIP pricing, then place an order, and wait for that to arrive? Unlikely you’ll find discounts on a Wilderness anywhere in 2022.

Keep in mind interest rates are going up again this coming week, very likely again in September. That MF number is unlikely to go down anytime soon.

yeah, the whole market is out of control. I have no idea about VIP pricing and how to get eligible for it. doing some research about it now.

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