Thoughts on this deal for XC90

I have to pay off my lease early which will be ~$1200 out of pocket but have this deal ready to go for an XC90 T6 R design. Thoughts on it? Live in AZ. Also the fees at the bottom are a bit jumbled but total fees are correct.

This is surprisingly good for Arizona. I would jump on it if you are satisfied with it

It’s at a dealer in so cal. I would just ship it here or drive back. Couldn’t get anywhere near this in AZ

Isn’t the Pre-MSD MF for the T6 R-Design 0.00115?

Correcting that in the calculator brings the monthly with tax-in to $545.

Here’s the worksheet.

That accounts for the MF already being reduced by your 10 MSDs.

0.00115 is reduced to 0.00065 after 10 MSDs. You double applied the MSDs in your calculator. The monthly with tax is $545, not $495 as the calculator you posted shows.

The total after tax on worksheet shows 499. Base monthly of 455. Unless they have the worksheet wrong. It was emailed to me like this so some of the numbers are in different spots

I corrected myself because I saw that the worksheet says that. Just not sure how it got there since the calculator shows different. That’s all.

And AZ tax is 8.7. So total was like $495

Yeah. I agreed. Want to make sure I’m not missing something. Unless they are just showing the MF after MSD on worksheet

Ideas on how I can get a better deal in AZ, willing to look in SoCal too. Local dealer gave me this quote:

XC90 T6 Inscription
MSRP 74,879
Sale price 67,718
MF 0.00144
56% RV
0 down at $1027/month

Doc fee 389
VTR 399
AZ taxes… seems ridiculous to me, any suggestions?

Search, someone from AZ recently got a Volvo from CA.