Thoughts on deal for an accord sport 2.0t

Sale price $28,656

looking to verify if this is a great price or if there is a better deal out there

Dealer is through in wear & tear and maintenance for the time of the lease on this deal, they said I need to sign today or I lose it, though on this deal is much appreciated it

Region: South Florida
Leasehackr Calculator Link:

What is the MSRP?

Also, are you trying to negotiate a lease or a purchase?

Is that before or after any incentives?

I don’t qualify for any incentives

Trying to lease MSRP 32315

Edmunds has the RV and MF. Put the deal together with more than 9% discount. If you can, get at least 12% or closer to 15% to make this deal anywhere close to being worth it.

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May want to check with @mani_is_kool, he does Hondas in FL and has a great reputation here.


Getting two cars? I thought you got a civic

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15% is a BIG ask for a new Honda.


Was just about to say this too…I think you’ll have a better chance of getting hit by lightning and winning the powerball on the same day.


Leasehackrs are definitely used to seeing 11% to as high as 16% in many luxury brands, but those numbers tend to not be achievable on mass market cars with much lower back end profit. Honda’s can be notoriously difficult to get a high discount on, i usually only see any 6% to 9% (around invoice).

Some models do go higher on occasion, but I think timing and lease programs play a much bigger part.


Agree, and just assuming that since you can get your BMW at 15% off, it’s achievable on any brand is a surefire way to get ignored and waste a bunch of time. Likewise, just assuming that because we’re in the midst of a downturn automatically means exceptional discounts on everything on the lot is also flawed logic.

I wholeheartedly disagree you need 15% off an Accord to make it “anywhere close to worth it.”

today I was able to get a lower selling price of $28,957, thanks for the insights

So, I don’t mean to set unreasonable expectations, but a year and half ago I was able to easily get 28,500 on a 2.0T sport. I think you have a good selling price, relatively considering how programs are different and the car sales environment is challenging due to covid. I don’t know if you’ll go Deeper in the discount.

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That’s a hard no after the Civic SI post


I got around 14% pre-incentive on my wife’s passport and about 13% if memory serves on a Civic a few years back.

Really? I got 20% off a Honda one time without breaking a sweat. Albeit a few years ago, but I guess things have changed.

Wait, this is the same guy? Well that’s awkward.



Just got a better offer $28,656