Thoughts on buying a used 2015 Lexus ES300h?

Local Lexus dealer has a pretty clean 2015 that feels essentially like new for around $25k that I’m considering. It’s basically exactly the same as the new ES300h as far as I can tell, just $15 - $20k less. The infotainment feels a bit dated, but the current ES is still the same. The big draws for me are lots of room, good luxury, great comfortable ride, reliability, and resale - oh and 40ish MPG.

The ES is essentially bulletproof so it isn’t a bad idea at all. I had a 99 that went to over 238k miles before I decided I wanted something new. We seriously considered doing exactly what you did for my mother, but she wanted an SUV and liked the new Equinox too much. A used ES will be at the top of the shopping list for my father when he needs a new one.

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The ES is very reliable, haven’t heard too much about the hybrid though.

Do the hybrid parts come with a longer warranty (8 yrs 80k miles or something like that depending upon state)? That might help alleviate some of the concern over out of warranty hybrid.

I believe it’s the same car with a front end refresh begining in 2016

Yes, the battery at least has an 8 year warranty. Powertrain is 6 years and Bumper to bumper is 4 years 48k miles I believe?

Yes, they put the new lexus grille on. Might actually prefer the older style. That and radar guided cruise control is an option now. I believe the interior and infotainment remains the same.

Interior changed very slightly. I think the biggest change is a new shifter. I prefer the refreshed body story because the wheels are better IMO.

Yeah not a huge fan of the stock 17" wheels, there’s a ton of sidewall. I’d probably get a new wheel & tire setup and go up one size to some other style Lexus 18" wheels and at least some 225 width tires. I think the infotainment is also slightly updated in 2016/17 but it’s still pretty archaic.