Thoughts on 2019 SQ5 Premium Plus Lease

Hi, this is my first time leasing a vehicle (usually finance), as well as, going Audi route. I’m wondering what do you guys think of this lease. It doesn’t sound good in my opinion, but wanted a couple other opinions. This will be in Northern California, bay area.

Audi SQ5 Premium Plus w/ 39months/7500miles (Navarra blue, warm weather package, B&O speakers)
MSRP 62,505 +fees
Sale 56,255+fees (10% discount, no rebates, no incentives)
Residual 58%, $23,644.50
MF: .00080
Monthly payments, incl taxes: $777.79 w/ $1200 down

Also, what’s everyone’s opinion on buying the car at the end of the lease?


That is very high esp for just 7500 miles. Ive been able to get well below 700 with 10 or 12k miles. Your sell price is like 9% but does that include rebates?

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Its 10% of MSRP and no rebates, no incentives. I’ll update the OP to include that.

Yeah, I mentioned that being close to $800 makes no sense since that’s more of prestige model payments, but the salesman kept saying that there’s no way an SQ5 will go below these payments. Which isn’t true from what I’ve seen on this forum.

I just got one which MRSP for 61250 for 599 month (36 month/15K) with 1000 down. See my post. I just bought one last weekend! Theyre a great car

I saw your deal and noticed the differences are that your sale price was about $2800 lower and you’re in VA and I’m in CA. Not much variance.

Honestly didn’t know why my monthly payments were so high compared to yours, which is why I made a post.

Great deal btw!

If I were you I would email my deal numbers to the sales manager or call them (the audi dealers around) and see who can come close to those numbers.

I know I Virginia they tax upfront while in CA is levied on the payment?

Yeah, in CA, the taxes are levied on the payments.

Would you happen to have the leasing document from the dealer that shows the numbers you posted? That would be tremendous!

You don’t need to ask him to spend his time posting a leasing document. He provided all the relevant numbers in his thread and even posted the calculator. He got 12% off, so aim for that. You didn’t post your MF; is it base or is dealer marking up?

True. Documents just help persuade them that I’m not BS’ing numbers. I’ll try to work toward the 12%.

Knew I was forgetting something. Added MF to the OP, which is .00080.

So MSRP is $62,505 and invoice is $59,409.55. Is the invoice considered the “base”?

So base MF, that’s good. Does the monthly payment match what the dealer quoted when you punch all these numbers into the calculator?

Invoice means little nowadays as it can vary substantially from dealer cost depending on the make/model.

That’s a good question, I typed the numbers on the calculator and its far from the numbers he gave:
Lease calculator says $622 as opposed to dealer’s $777.79. Below is the link to the leasecalculator

Whelp you’re definitely missing something big. Ask the dealer for their worksheet or a full breakdown.

Just realized the prices are “excluding fees”, but the monthly payment given were “including taxes”. Wonder if that makes a big difference.

So all in all, this is a pretty bad deal? I’ll keep negotiating with other dealers in the mean time and try to aim for VirginiaBeacher’s deal.

I don’t really know what prices or fees you’re referring to. Yes, you pay your local sales tax rate on the monthly lease payment. Just ask them for a lease worksheet or a breakdown of the net cap cost since you have all the other numbers.

Personally I’d try to figure out how they got to $777.79/mo before moving on.

Yeah, the more this forum is talking to me, the more I’m realizing how things don’t add up. Will ask for a break down then proceed from there. Thanks!

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How many dealers have you gotten quotes from?