Thoughts: 330ix loaner lease


Looking to lease a 330 loaner through a broker on the site.

Thoughts on this deal? Dealer fee includes the $399 broker fee.

Trying to push for a little more on the discount since I’m getting better offers and a few hundred on the dealer fee side. Anything else?


**Dealer Fees includes Broker Fee of $399 and hoping to work on bringing down the dealer side a few bucks.

If you’re getting better offers on your own, what exactly do you want us to tell you?


Dealer doc fees aren’t negotiable so don’t think that will work.

Seems like a strong broker deal and not sure what type of feedback you are looking for. It’s possible to do better but could take a lot of legwork on your part. The point of broker deals are they are hassle free and quick, although they may not be true unicorns.

There are hundreds of 3 series deals recently so better to do your research than get people’s opinion on a deal already posted here.

Another one of my deals.

The broker deals are locked so there is no more room in them. Thanks!


@chrishs2000 When did I say on my own? I literally said I was working through brokers.

Half the posts on here are, “Hey, I just signed this deal what do you guys think.”

The first response is usually well enjoy your ride and post here before you sign next time because so and so.

So here I am making sure before I sign anything.


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That’s what you said. If you’re not actually getting better offers then take this one. Broker deals aren’t negotiable. I’m also unsure why you’re talking to me like a 6 year girl, I just put mine to bed and didn’t expect to get told “wow dad” again today.

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Yeah, they’re all in the same ballpark but I’m kinda hung up on this one because of the HUD.

Some brokers were getting a slightly steeper discount on similar models. I figured it would not hurt to ask if it was a solid deal despite them being so plentiful as well the likelihood of getting a further discount. You answered both.

Okay, so what does that have to do with looking on my own? I literally said I’m looking through brokers. Some are offering higher MSRP models for a greater discount and lower drive off/monthly.

I’m asking for thoughts on THIS deal and if I should expect to be able to work on the dealer fees or discount. Maybe because I want this particular car?

Let’s be civil and leave it at that? No need for name calling… WOW

You’re right, my 6 year old daughter is far more mature and respectful. I truly hope you don’t talk to people like that in real life. All you had to do initially was clarify what you were asking since myself and another member had no idea. Good luck to you.

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Same to you. Instead of simply asking you chose to make assumptions, to be rude off the bat, and then resorted to personal insults.

Have a good night.

As a third party, your first post does come across as

"I’m looking at this deal from a broker. What do you think of this deal? I want to push the broker for more discount since I’ve gotten better discounts elsewhere. "

Okay, but from what I’ve read the only thing I can push on at this point for a better price is the discount or dealer fees (doc fee capped in NY).

I confirmed eligibility for incentives, base MF and maxed out MSD’s, made sure payment was rounded off neatly to minimize the deposit amount, and I’m pretty sure I read the loaners under 5k are all at a specific RV. I even searched the threads for September 330i posts to try to gain a frame of comparison, but I figured I’d ask again to be sure.

I’m just trying to find out if it’s a solid deal, which has been confirmed, and whether it can be worked down anymore. I did not know brokers did not negotiate - I thought that’s what they do!

I mean at least I’m not the 37258th post asking how I can get a good deal to roll $5,000 into my next lease, need to pay under $350 monthly, and oh yeah I’m 8,000 miles over at 28 of 39 months. Also needs to be a Mercedes or Audi.

What they do is negotiate what is generally a very good deal that they can readily provide. I wouldn’t expect any of the reputable brokers on here to be able to move from their advertised prices on here. If you’re asking about a specific vehicle that they’re going out to find, it may be different.


This looks like a good deal to me… MSRP indicates good options…

If I were in your shoes, I would maybe change it to a 24 month and do a one pay to save on full sales tax if at all possible? Should be a killer deal then!

Also, just ignore the haters man! Some people just live on this site to judge others :wink:

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How would you save on sales tax by doing a one pay lease in NJ?

Very carefully I suppose

You don’t. Your statement isn’t based in fact. There is no way to avoid paying sales tax on a 330i as a resident of the state of NJ unless you are tax exempt (in which case you wouldn’t be getting a 330i)

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See “if at all possible”

A one pay lease will not save you on taxes in NJ. Plain and simple.

Okay Alex we get it we get it