Thoughts? $1099mon Audi etron 36/10 $1099 down

Came across a nj dealer for an Audi etron. Numbers:

Msrp 76390
Selling 72800 4.6% off
RV 52% MF .00200
$7500 ev tax credit included
Zero due just first payment $1099.

Dealer will also eat 8 payments of $432 on our Q3. Deal is missing NY ev tax credit of $500.

Take it away hackers!

Did you put this through the calculator? Are they really eating 8 payments? I don’t think they are.

Also, you need a far bigger discount. These aren’t flying off the shelves, you should be able to get a far better discount.

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Man there have been a few deals posted here that were a lot better. Do a search on them to get an idea.

Recent numbers I see on this forum are “75795 MSRP 3500 DAS +MAX MSD 659+tax 7500 miles a year”

I got a feeling they are not giving me additional 4k off because they are taking back my Q3 8 months early.

Run the numbers through the calculator to see what you get.

How many MSD does Audi allow?

I also believe there is a 3k incentive.