Those with little ones. Practicality of Audi Etron GT?

Anyone have an Etron Gt or similar car with 2-3 little kids? I’m thinking about getting one as I pretty sure I can line it up for well under $1k/month effective.

Smoking deal on a cool car as a daily driver for dropping off kids at school and running errands and going to activities? Anyone do this?

Don’t think I’m fitting bikes and crap but for just running around all day would this work?

Side note, we have a Jeep Wrangler 4xe as well for bigger stuff like bikes.

So I thought about this as well, two kids - that is fine, 3 definitely not. It can fit 2 car seats on each side but the leg space will be tight for sure.

The trunk is non-existent, I had trouble putting a 12inch bike in there without maneuvering around. Other than that, the moonroof is great for the kids.

Thanks for this response! So if there is a rear facing car seat behind the front passenger, the front passenger is going to be knees in chest, basically?

It’s tight… if you have kids in car seats, it’s pretty tight and low. Booster seats are ok. I really wanted to get one, but after fitting in our current car seat and the fact that I have to stoop in pretty low to secure the kids… that ended it for me there. Nothing wrong with the car, just the practicality of it didn’t work out for us.

If I were you, I’d take my car seats to the dealer and install them in the car to see how they work for you and if you’re ok with it.

Agreed, it is quite a lot of effort given the low clearance level of the seats.

I just have one full size front facing car seat that fits perfectly in the middle where my daughter extends her feet onto the arm rest haha.

It definitely is doable with two kids but it just takes more effort. It is definitely not a practical family car but it gets the job done. :slight_smile:

Depends on the passenger and how they like to sit. You could get away with some decent leg room while having the seat 90 degrees but as you lean it back, you have to compromise on the leg room. If you consider putting rear seat in the middle, just know it will be extremely painful putting in the child each time because of the low clearance of the car. Even on the side seats, but managable.

Thank you both. My wife has an SUV (I do, too…for now), so that would be our primary kid-hauler, but I would definitely still need the GT to accommodate two kids for around town driving (short trips). I’ll go to the dealership with the larger of the two seats and give it a test run.

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My kids are little but not in car seats. Just one in a booster. And almost out so a 6 yr old and 8yr old twins for me

That back middle seat doesn’t look like much of a seat - but maybe a kid can make it work

Dude are you serious?

I couldn’t make that thing work with two.

Square peg round hole my guy

If you had a separate car just for being cool, then it works.

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Is this directed to the three kids question, the two car seats question, or both? Ha

Yes and yes and yes

my brother has this car as well and he has no issues with a 9 year old and 6 year old even with a rear facing car seat for a 2 year old.

They are just a little bit more crammed lol

So you’re saying there’s a chance! Thanks for keeping the dream alive.

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I’m seriously thinking about it as well. I have a 7 year old in a booster and a newborn on the way. Current X5 feels needlessly large and tall plus I just hate SUVs generally and would take a sedan any day of the week.

Anyone willing to share pictures of their back seat with any form of a child seat in there? I’ll go to the dealer for a fitting eventually, but in the interim…

in terms of safety - I would take a SUV any day especially with a kid in the backseat. The car is fast, it also makes you drive that way

I have a more compact car seat, compared to a Nuna in my wife’s car which is a beast in size. As you can see - it works, but her legs can easily lay on the middle arm rest hah. Since she can go in and out of the car herself - it makes my life easier but I can’t imagine having to go into the car and buckle/unbuckle a new born unless it was on the side seats.

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etron gt is def too tight for 3 kids
etron q8 is a cool car too, and iX maybe?
Are you only considering cool sedans since you already had the wrangler?

Funny I have the GT and Etron SUV and waiting on the IX to be delivered. :slight_smile: