Third party leases on Lucid Air?

Are there any third party leasing companies or banks that provide leases on Lucid Air EV or is the only lease option the manufacturer’s lease?

You can go with a balloon loan from a Credit Union,.

How does a balloon loan differ froma lease? No familiar with these.

Depends but most at the end means you buy / sell the car.

There are a few that act like a lease, but you have to make sure you find one.

Historically the third parties have not leased new auto brands before a captive, even if US Bank was brought in to be the captive (like Tesla originally did). I doubt you will see third party leasing companies take bets until they (Fisker, Lucid, Rivian) have a captive who will.

Lucius bankrolled by KSAs SWF who reportedly has a majority stake. I’m sure they can find a banking partner.

@RVguy have a program yet​:rofl::rofl:


Chase will do absolutely anything for money. Tesla didn’t even entertain lease programs until they were trying to blow out the remaining Roadsters in February 2010 (my email says 2/25, happy 12th anniversary).

Someone has to stake the capital and manage the portfolio, which is only a priority (especially as cost of capital is only going up the next 8 quarters) if buyers can’t write a check or get financing.

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