Thinking I may need to fuggedabout it since I live in Maryland

I live in Maryland. Thinking of leasing a Nissan Pathfinder, however…I think I figured out why the quotes on dealer websites in MD are showing payments about $200 higher than they should be…our ridiculous policy of taxing the entire purchase price on a lease.

Is it not even worth leasing in Maryland in many cases?

We used to have the same thing here in Illinois and yes, it was a real deterrent to leasing. I would purchase in your situation.

It certainly is a non starter for an 18 month lease


The whole point was saving monthly over a purchase. Guess that’s not happening. Screw this state.

You can cut your tax liability with a trade in. You will only be taxed the difference of the sale price and the trade in value. That being said, you do need to focus on 36 month leases to get the biggest benefit of this. On the flip side, in an environment like todays, if you are buying out your lease you don’t owe any sales tax :wink:

My trade isn’t worth squat but good to know (maybe $3k at best).

You spelt it wrong

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You should move to Virginia LOL.

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On the flip side you save almost 3-4% on a purchase vs many NY and CA counties.

And it’s not like the Pathfinder is some amazing deal in the grand scheme of things. You’d probably be ahead on a Highlander or Telluride purchase after 36m vs two consecutive Pathfinder leases.


True. I’d rather have a Telluride (or Palisade) but my wife wants the higher towing capacity (6k vs 5k) on the off chance we get a small camper/travel trailer in the near future.