Thinking about leasing a Honda Ridgeline

Anyone have any success in leading a Ridgeline? I received one offer from a local dealer of $2500 down which goes to taxes, reg, and first month. Monthly payment would be $399. They haven’t sent me all the details yet. You think I can do better? I currently have 5 months left on my Jeep Grand Cherokee at 463 a month.

If you don’t need the Honda until you turn in the Jeep, don’t get the Honda until you turn in the Jeep.

Especially as January is the worst month to lease

Why is January the worst month to lease

The manufacturers put in a huge amount of effort during Nov and Dec with marketing and rebates etc etc. January is the start of a new year, the dealers don’t need to meet the year end targets and historically the lease deals are not great in jan as a result.

There are always exceptions to this rule. Subaru seem to be leasing well right now, but no better than last month.

Honda leases are not good - terrible as a matter of fact.

Was helping my friend get a new Ridgeline RTL-E and he wanted to lease but terms were awful - he ended up buying. Not sure where you are located but there still seems to be a limited supply of Ridgelines so deals might be hard to find.

Agree with @XPRESS, they are really bad. Never seen them get close to the 1% rule.

Thank you guys for the feedback. In your opinions what pick up truck leases the best?

There were some great Dodge Ram deals flying about a while back. Might be worth a look.

A dealer in MA offered this on a Honda Ridgeline RTL
$36,600 MSRP
sale price $34000
destination $900?
Doc fees $375

MF was @ .00200 which sucks and which I got because I had a Honda return lease.
66% residual
term was 36 months/12000 miles

Monthly was @ $495, forget exact. Better than earlier but they are not offering much on these yet.
Thanks for the info guys.

@Smokerises Honda Finance is not aggressive at all on leasing the Ridgeline (or Pilot or CR-V) so their best MF is very high. If you live in an area where a credit union does leasing, then you’ll be able to get a much lower MF and often times a higher RV than what Honda is running. End result is a much lower monthly payment.

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You may want to look at the Canyon. I had a quote from a dealer in FL recently all-in 275ish and zero down. 35K truck. I just thought I’d throw it out there for you.

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Ended up with a Colorado for similar #s to the Canyon, thank you. Honda just won’t compete. Will post more later.

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Please post details of your deal, the Canyon’s supposedly have 80+% residuals on 24 months … that would make great deals easier

I live in Tampa Bay Area and no one is giving me deal like that for GMC Canyon? Can you tell me which dealer give you this offer?
This is what one dealer send me:

I don’t think this is good deal at all

I recently came across a deal for a lease for a 2017 RTS AWD Ridgeline.

MSRP - 34,355
Residual - 21,987
10k yr/39 month lease
payment = 379 /month
0 down

i think that means a MF of .0011 if im not mistaken.

Is this a good deal?

The RV can’t be $31k.

What is the total drive-off? This doesn’t meet the 1% rule, but the Ridgeline’s are known to lease terribly. If you must have a Ridgeline, go for it.

Sorry typo. Residual is 21987

im waiting to get info on total drive off. Id like the ridgeline and I know they arent known to lease well, so i guess contexually, is this OK considering its a rigdeline.