Think I'm giving up on finding 2017 i3

First off, there aren’t a ton of them out there anymore, I’ve been trying to deal with several dealerships in the southeast on a 2017 i3 Rex. I’m expecting lease support to end soon, so I’d think dealers with one left would be motivated in moving their remaining stock, right? That’s not been my experience at all.

A dealer with a nice Black i3 (about an hour away) with about a 55K MSRP lists their price about 2K off, and didn’t seem interested in dropping much further, certainly not enough to get a decent lease price. I’d most like this one, but they aren’t interested in giving me 17% off MSRP. It’s been there for over 7 months, per carjojo.

One dealer lists their price about 6K down off MSRP on their website (just under 50K MSRP). I ask for a lease and they price it as a 2K discount, adding over 2.5K in fees, before giving me the 8K lease incentives. 552 a month. I might as well look for a 2018.

Another lists a 54K i3 with 8K off, when I ask for a lease, the discount drops to about 3K before they add incentives. At least they didn’t saddle me with enough fees to eat up their “discount”. They still show a lease price of 583/month. I plugged their numbers in the lease calculator and came up with $524 a month, so I don’t know what other hidden fees they’ve added or the MF they are using.

I’m trying to get something in the low to mid $200s with zero down. I can’t even get someone with about as close to a base model as there is (just under $50K) anywhere near that target.

I think my company qualifies to fleet, but didn’t press the issue, since these guys were all asking insane numbers.

Is there any decent BMW dealer in the southeast? They all seem to think if they get me in a $500-600 a month payment I’ll jump on it, and when I call them out, they don’t seem interested in dealing with me much further.

I was told by one dealer that lease support on 17’s will end of this month. Of course this is while I was trying to negotiate more off the msrp. Of course they were this is as good as this deal gets and I was like if you want to move that 17 330e it is going to get better. So we will see. I got my great deal on my current 15 i3 by lucking into one that was a service loaner. I know the service loaners deals have changed pretty drastically. I still have 6 months left on my lease so I decided to wait it out a little longer and hope that I can score a deal later this year. Doesn’t seem like dealers are willing to budge much right now.

Why not just buy a nice used Tesla that can go 300 miles

That would be a much heftier payment.

For BMW, I just get the email of a legit manager (as an aside, why do they all get the title sales manager? Even the lowest on the totem pole. Their interns are called sales associates).

I email the GM with a quick ultimatum, screenshot of one of the many offer breakdowns listed on LH and tell them my money is ready but I have had a hard time dealing with the lower tier guys who just don’t understand numbers. Compliment them a little bit and say, surely someone of your stature appreciates how to get a deal done…

50/50 - get an instant matching offer, which can then be further negotiated (they have discretionary credits to give out every month that are ear marked for closing deals, usually 100-300 dollars). The other half of the time, they’ll stick by their sales guy and say you got the absolute best deal.

Sure, I will if you have one to sell me for the $200-$250 a month range.

Fortunately, I don’t need a new car yet, and I would probably be fine driving a 2018 Leaf, or perhaps a Bolt. (The new Leaf actually looks pretty nice, unlike the last design). I may just end up waiting for deals to start on the Leaf. It’s got to happen at some point.

If I can’t get a deal I’m happy with, I just don’t have to buy anything for around 3-5 months, and after that I can probably get by with only a single vehicle for a few months (when my daughter goes to college, taking mine).