These cars just sitting on dealer lots



Yaris iA changed names to Yaris Sedan. They do sit a little but Toyota has gotten aggressive on them lately. Current inventory age is 69.4 days


Add Dodge to the mix!

I’ve been looking to lease a Durango RT AWD for 2 months now and the dealerships around LA just don’t want to budge on the price. At most, they give you $3k off MSRP and still inflate the MF.
Same cars have been sitting in their lot for over 100 days.


CDJR dealers are notorious for bad offers and deals. They think they’re gods gift to the car world. Never been in a dealer and thought I was getting a good deal.

My anecdotal experience though.


This is my experience as well.


What does your deal look like?


I got 2 Jeep GCs last summer and did very well


I think that the E class sold decently. Hmm.


2016 challenger srt hellcats still on lots


nearly all of these cars only really sell at all when they get some decent lease incentives on the odd occasion.

WAIT…They still make the Lancer!? Who knew!?