There are good dealers/salesman out there


So i turned in my 2021 Pilot yesterday and picked up an Acura RDX. The Pilot was 12,000 miles over and had a TON of bad deep scratches. The salesman took the Pilot to the used car guy and they agreed to take the car in trade rather then grounding the lease. This was all proactive i didnt even ask as i was so embarresed about the condition of the car. Of course i had no equity but by them doing that they saved me $2000 for the mileage and probably another $2000 in body damage. Granted i’m sure something was in it for them but i cant see that car being worth more then the $26,000 payoff.

What were the offers you got and what was your payoff?

AHFC has a mileage waiver for their returning lessees getting another AHFC lease, IIRC.

no they dont. i’ve done it before and got a bill. they negotiated it down a bit but stil had to pay.

They don’t waive everything obviously. They waive X,000 miles and the rest are chargeable.