The Tesla Model 3 Killed the Rest of American Luxury


They were singing a different tune at the Detroit Auto Show apparently…

Meanwhile, in response to the omitted Super Cruise, General Motors president Mark Reuss “made no excuses for the technology not being on the XT6” to Automotive News. He responded,

“I’m very respectful of all the people who have worked on Cadillac in the past [and] work on it now,” said Reuss, who has led GM’s product development arm since 2013. “I will take all the heat for it not being there, and that’s the way it is. Meanwhile, in response to the omitted Super Cruise, General Motors president Mark Reuss “made no excuses for the technology not being on the XT6” to Automotive News. He responded,



I have a 3 and love it but Tesla support SUCKS. Pano roof like many others mine has cracked they try to blame you and say something hit it. I dropped it off and the model S loner they gave me with 400 miles had a cracked pano. Then they call and tell me the new one is broken. So 2 weeks later still no roof.
Be so happy when my Porsche I put the deposit on arrives. Seeing a new S is near 100k the Porsche will out sell Tesla. Also its a far Superior car and service is top notch.

Oh then they pump out all these model 3’s then do the big FU and jack super charger rates by 30%



Did you really think they’d be able to give free juice to so many cars forever? It was trial service meant to attract people to the brand.



No put did not expect do a hard sell on model 3 then after they sell thousands turn around and raise the rate 30% kinda slap in the face.



Or good business sense? They got their product on the road and widely adopted. It’s kind of like cable companies giving the best deals and discounts to new customers, but raising the rates of current customers.

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Yes, I still remember when I bought my first car…gas was cheap…then the bastards keept raising prices. The nerves on them! I should have signed a contract with the gas stations before hand.



Many of whom then decide to cut the cord entirely so they can do a la carte and not pay for a ton of channels they never wath… So maybe it’s not such a good business model after all…



Only still under 200,000 units? I’ll look at it when it hits 1 mil



This may hurt a bit, especially once the fanboys get theirs.



I’ve learned consumer reports is not a valid data point of information…

Also, I understand they downgraded the model 3 due to paint and misaligned panels. I consider those quality control issues, not reliability ones.

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One common misconception about CR is that it is their decision or discretion to grade a car’s reliability and/or quality. They are merely asking their subscribers to submit data on their vehicle and then just compile and report data back to customer. If bunch of Model 3 owners reported issues with their cars then of course the car will be not recommended from a reliability and/or quality standpoint.

Now if one thinks that their sample size for each model is too small to be conclusive then that is entirely different matter but as far as I know there are no other large scale reliability/quality/satisfaction survey conducted and published by an independent organization. JD Power’s initial quality survey seems to be a joke compared to CR’s survey…



People are more likely to report/complete surveys/write reviews about negative things than positive in general and CR in particular. Don’t know if 500 who responded about Tesla is a big enough poll. But CR’s flip-flopping doesn’t add any credibility to them, IMO.

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Again it is no CR flip-flopping, it is the data changing based on surveys submitted. And while I agree 500 is not a large sample group for a car that sold over 200k units, it is the best (and possibly the only) large scale data set we have compiled to date.

Don’t get me wrong, I am toying with the idea of buying a Model 3 and have no agenda for or against Tesla. I just think CR gets a lot of bashing that they don’t deserve. It is like getting pissed at IRS for collecting tax while not questioning where the tax code originates from in the first place…



Regarding CR, it also depends on someone’s automotive history. If someone is coming from a Fiat or a Saturn, a Tesla might seem like no big deal. But if they’re coming from a Toyota Prius (which I think a lot of Model 3 owners are from), all these little quality control issues will seem so annoying.



I’m not sure that car shoppers actually read through these reports to know the details, but the headline alone does not help Tesla.



I trust professionals like IIHS, NHTSA, professional publications more than some upset customers :slight_smile:
And I just love ACSI :smile:



Isn’t that the main problem with click-bait, though? Just reading the headline doesn’t get you the information you need.



Maybe, but this is not a clickbait headline as I understand it.



Definitely! I also wonder if they actually verify ownership.
Have you guys seen the list? Audi, Mazda, BMW before Honda and Toyota?! Seriously?!



Have you ever taken one of the CR surveys? It takes forever to finish. I doubt that anyone will take the time to fill out a survey for a car that they don’t own but hate so much that spend considerable amount of their free time trying to get it de-recommended by CR…