The Tesla Landfill. Shame. Shame. Shame

Jellybean? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Could easily burry it in an Etron gt. She have Costco? lol

Your cousin needs a shock of reality, no offense here but people who can afford this car most likely will qualify for the $7500 federal incentive, this car is available brand new on Tesla’s website for $57k, $50K after a Federal rebate and potentially less depending on state incentives, a reasonable ask maybe $50k, hardly anyone would bite but you can start there, at $60k ask, it feels like they wanna say we are selling the car but they don’t want to.


I see the listed price as $54k.

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This is gray in white interior, cost more money than white+black.

Hard pass

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Y’all just wait and see - a long-lost Nigerian prince is gonna offer $65k… :crazy_face:

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17 fatalities, 736 crashes: The shocking toll of Tesla’s Autopilot Tesla’s driver-assistance system, known as Autopilot, has been involved in far more crashes than previously reported

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i was wondering how long it would be before that article showed up in one of the tesla threads.

Is that even bad compared to the Normie death toll? I feel like I dodge texters daily on 95

Driving is literally the most dangerous thing any normal person does


Driving in Miami is great compared to nyc - tesla will not be an independent company much longer

Merger with ford or gm coming soon

No way. Ford / GM adopting charging from Tesla. They are the leaders in EV.

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Tesla doing the merging and absorbing them perhaps. :rofl:


Short term Stock price isn’t a reflection of long term sustainability

Once the veneer wears off and the talented employees depart - we shall see

Twitter was a diversification play - Elon Will slowly get out of Tesla

He’s a media guy now

Mr bean touched a nerve. Mass media doing damage control on Rowan Atkinson is actually hilarious. Must not bash their agenda…

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Google it quite comical the damage control retorts from industry insiders

I think evs have great potential as well. But agree with most of what he eloquently says, I was just never duped by it

There is a lot of overthinking in that article. I don’t think people are buying EVs for environmental reasons, not anymore at least. Well, I’ll just speak for myself. I don’t lease EVs because I care about the environment. I actually went from an EV to ICE and then back to EV. I have never nor do I ever plan on taking a road trip in an EV, not as long as we have a gas vehicle in the household, at least a PHEV which will still be allowed after the gas car ban. I just don’t like doing things the hard way

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