The New Volvo V60 R Design is...Stunning


I’m lusting for one of these (or honestly any sport wagon) after getting my mom an xc60, but i won’t be in the market for myself until July or August…

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Sure, now they get them in. I’m guessing I won’t be able to get one for $450 and first due at signing and just stick with the S60? :stuck_out_tongue:

You would be correct :slight_smile:

I asked my buddy about a lease/discount and he just smiled and didn’t say anything.


I figured, on any V60 for that matter.

It also figures that they now have the exact S60 I want, when I’m about to put down a deposit elsewhere…unless they can beat $445 a month, including 8.375% tax and $650 in drive-offs. :wink:

Never know until ya ask! lol

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Well I’m asking! You know it’s the white with Amber that I want!

I just need this. Here’s to finding discounts this Fall/Winter :crossed_fingers:


What’s with the 5-0 picture?

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That would go perfectly next to my wife’s car… now how to make the V60 faster is the question!

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Oh Jees that’s embarrassing. Sorry!

I was driving today and saw my brother out and about. Certainly didn’t mean to post that haha


I was wondering if you posted it by mistake :slightly_smiling_face:

This is one of the best looking cars on the road imo. HOWEVER, aren’t they special order only? Does that mean the lease is pretty horrible?

I sure did! It was in my photo stream right next to the V60.

Speaking of…have you hacked one of these yet??

MF is high, but lower than XC90

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I read that but will let @Ursus reply

Definitely no discounts right now, but dealers ordered them for sale (not all client orders).

How many cars do you think I need? :grin:

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Some hack for sport. Maybe you did it just to do it? I could see that.

I would totally think about financing one (or more likely, the CC version) but long term reliability of these newer Volvo’s is a bit too daunting.

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Can’t transfer Volvo :neutral_face:

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