The New Cadillac XT6 Looks Great!


I like it actually. Still think the aviator is better but not bad.

I just can’t get into Ford/Lincoln leasing.

With the GM credit card this could be a really nice option at the end of the year

The front looks good… the back doesn’t. Still like the aviation more imo

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Saw the aviator in person, this has a better front but the aviator seems to be an overall better car. I can’t wait to see the new Escalade!

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Front is nice but the body looks like a GMC Terrain and the interior was not particularly impressive.

From what I read somewhere, the dash is basically the same from the xt5 with the new CUE + rotary dial. Cost saving measure to get it in production quick.

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I see Honda Pilot copying, particularly the D-pillar.

I dunno if this is the vehicle that’s gonna resurrect Cadillac from the ashes.

Funny you say this…that was my wife said, minus the D-pillar part.

“The Fast Line Car” had a chance to interview the chief designer. I find it really interesting that the Sport model will actually have faster steering, and apparently some real changes to make it better to drive.