The King of Cars

I’m not sure how many people remember his show, The King of Cars, but someone here has to have dealt with one of his dealerships.

Fess up…who has bought a “Chopper Edition?”

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I used to work at the Toyota dealership across the street from them. We were the highest volume Toyota dealer in the region… I sold 4 cars my first day on the lot.

That said, I could never believe the deals people would sign on that show (on Discovery?)… I mean, people were paying more than my mortgage for a dodge Ram with 20’ rims…lol. There’s plenty of idiots out there.

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I purchased an Aston Martin from their dealership. Was one of the best buying experiences I’ve had. The guy I dealt with was a sales manager on that show when in aired. I guess he got good ratings on tv so got promoted from dodge to Aston Martin!

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Do they still do the 30 minute infomercials where they roll the cars out in costume?

I read your title and thought you were starting an off-topic thread about @Phantomcypher


And I thought it was about Tupac…

He’s still alive, you know.

Based on this thread, I watched the first episode on YouTube last night. It was pretty entertaining. I’ll watch some more episodes this weekend.

I wasn’t even aware of this show until I read this thread.

It was a short lived show…maybe 2 seasons tops. I caught wind of it after I saw something on the internet about Towbin at the time and went on their site. He had links of weekly infomercials he did that showed up on local tv. He apparently used to do them a lot, but seems to have cut down more recently.

Yeah, my wife and I watched them all the time when we lived in Vegas. They were hilarious…

HIT THE GAS! (20char)

I watched the first episode on YouTube. but other episodes aren’t available. You can see them if you have Amazon Prime but otherwise I couldn’t find the series without paying fees.

Too bad! I would have enjoyed watching them.

I remember the show on tv it was hilarious. I can’t believe they suckered people into buying a 9 year old minivan with payments of ONLY $699 mo with $3000 down for 5 years! No wonder why they were able to get high end brands with those margins.