The kind of buyers dealerships like (slightly bizarre reddit poster)

This particular reddit user is absolutely perplexed on how dealerships manage to make money when they’re selling the car $1K below msrp… must be the ideal kind of buyer you can wish for if you were a salesperson.


No judgement, I just dont get how a place like this stays in business especially with very very little inventory.

The same way that almost every new car dealership stays in business: Parts & Service :man_shrugging:t2:

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Blockquote They have a bunch of “no sharks” signs all over the dealership saying that none of their sales staff is commissioned…is that the difference?

Yeap, no sharks, just your average friendly killer whales.


No idea why they’re giving away a highlander for $1k below sticker in this market. Maybe the marked the crap out of the rate in the finance office. Toyota cut production again.


OP did not give monthly, or down payment, or any other financial stats. Plenty of ways to skin a cat for the dealership if their only looking at discount off MSRP.

Probably because of the significant mf mark up they’re hiding or the $2000 permaplate or the triple redundant vin etching

And the finance office too. I learned this in 2011 while helping my parents negotiate a deal on a New Cayenne. I asked the sales guy what kind of car he drove. “An Acura CL.” I asked the finance manager what kind of car he drove. “The dealership gives me a DEMO car to drive. Right now its that gorgeous 911 Turbo Cabriolet.”

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Or Simonized the sh!t out of it.

Holy…is that still a thing!?! LOL

Everything is a thing if you find an idiot willing to pay for it.

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I just recall that term from the late 70’s…that flashback’s been a looong time coming.