The GM strike vs the 2020 Vette

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GM could always outsource building it to BMW, like the Supra. :sweat_smile:

Good strategy on behalf of UAW though, if it was one.


The UAW is brilliant

They’ve gone from 1.5M and a political powerhouse in the late 70s to under 400,000 members today and complete irrelevancy


I wonder how you’d handle an alien abduction on such massive scale :joy:

Considering they costed the US economy over a $1B, I won’t say they are irrelevant… just a very bad influence

GM bringing in their heavy to end the UAW strike

Lol at Mary Barra, the Marissa Mayer of the automotive world


Speaking of the 2020 vette, here’s the first review. Not sure how they got around the 10/16 embargo?

Probably by stuffying cash into R&T’s mailbox, per normal.

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Ha! “R&T hi it’s Mary. Where can I venmo you to break this embargo? We need good news today ffs.”

I guess nobody is waiting until tomorrow now. Here’s Car and Driver’s take.

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Once one breaks the embargo, technically they all can.

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It looks like the GM strike it over