The Credit Thread

None of my high-liquidity/cash-equivalents are earning less than 2%, some are almost 3.5%.

Where? I’m not aware of any cash accounts offering that to consumers

Probably not on Bankrate but look around. My credit union has CDs in that range, and the Money Market with my brokerage is like 2.2%.

Can’t say about lease, but when I came to US (with absolutely no credit history), NMAC did finance my car purchase at arounr 5% APR. The local credit union was offering 9%. I bit in and moved to DCU in 6 months at around 2.5%.

They did look for income statement and job letters.

Yes, but you’re financially savvy. Someone with a 620 score and a lot of cash, is not likely near as savvy as you are about maximizing interest on liquid holdings. More often then not, they’re the type that had credit issues in the past and assume the problem is the system not the fact that they overextended themselves and couldn’t pay it back (but given the 620, maybe out of the woods now?). Often saying things like ‘well they shouldn’t have given me all that credit line then’ or ‘the whole credit thing is a sham, this is why I pay cash / debit card for everything’ or ‘I have enough money, I don’t need credit’.

I would argue if they’re smart enough to have cash, they’re smart enough to know they want it to grow not stay the same value over time.

You don’t need a Bloomberg terminal to ladder CDs. Many of the military credit unions have 2-3% rates on 18 months or less.

This hypothetical 620 with 6-18 months salary banked (how I read your scenario) can open the same money market account I have that’s over 2%.

I’m in the process of disputing a negative claim on my Report (Late Payment). Do I need to dispute with all 3 Credit Unions or will one suffice? And does it matter which reason you choose to dispute? (Obviously I was in the wrong with the late payment).

Thank You

You’d have to dispute with all 3 but if it was legitimate you would likely be better served with a Goodwill letter to the creditor.


I have a normal online savings account with 2.02%. It does better than a lot of normal bank cds offered and I don’t need to tie my money up for any period of time. There are a lot of online accounts offering pretty high rates now

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If one dealership does a hard credit pull, but in the end you don’t use them and instead you use a 2nd dealership but both same brand ( Ex Nissan), Is there a way the 2nd dealership can get your credit Report from first Dealership instead of doing a whole new hard credit pull? Hope this makes sense

The question makes sense: the answer is no.

Multiple pulls in the same month for the same person count as 1 hard pull.

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Is this strictly for auto industry or would that also apply to getting a Credit Card?


Not for credit cards since you can open multiple right away but usually get only one car at the time.

But if you play properly having multiple CCs won’t hurt it much.

At the top of points game I had 27 between me and my wife. Slowed down a bit to about 10.

  • except maybe for Chase’s 5/24 rule

True, thats a recent thing - I did that before they invented that right after Sapphire 100k blow up on them :grinning:

Everyone seems to love that Sapphire card, it does nothing for me. Annual Fee is going up here in a day or two.

Except for various travel rewards cards (eg airline cards I only use to buy tickets for that airline) all my cards are cash back cards: $1,200 back last year just to use and pay them off every month. I just opened and moved a couple around last month to get a lot more cash back in certain areas this coming year (and a new Chase business cash back card).

I travel with the family. Before just wife, and then number of travelers in the group just kept growing.
Got a lot more than what cash would have gotten me. But I’m sure Chase also got their points worth out of me on translations.

After travel credit of $300 AF wasn’t so bad but with the recent increase in AF I’ll be cancelling Sapphire this year when it hits.

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I love my Sapphire card mainly due to the amount of leisure international travel I do yearly. The $300 travel credit brings down the net yearly fee, and the 3x points on travel and food adds up (along with no foreign transaction fees). Airport lounge access and the Global Entry fee reimbursement is just icing on the cake.


I get it in concept. I got Precheck in year 1, my (former) AMEX Platinum paid for Global Entry a couple years ago (good for 5), and the multiple I get on my airline and hotel cards has me swimming in the points that I want when I want to use them (3 diff airlines).

I’ve done the math probably 5 times, never came close to making sense any of them. I have 5 other Chase cards I like, but not the Sapphire.

Yeah it might be that for you there’s a lot of overlapping benefits so the Sapphire isn’t quite the home run for you as it is for others.

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