The Coolest Cars Right Now Are Wagons


Where was that awesome picture of an AMG E63S that I posted couple of months ago? :thinking:

Found :grinning:


That’s nice and all, but I feel like most wagons look too ordinary. Which might be the point… But check out this bad boy


Nah, not a family hauler.


What makes the E63 a family hauler and the rs6 not?


Dunno, the looks?..


Can’t tell anything from that angle…is that even a wagon?


lol yup. It’s an RS6 wagon, that picture was one of the first which I could find which accentuated the aggressive looks. I feel like the E63 kinda lacks that differentiation from a normal E class.


Doubt it’s stock…looks like it’s been lowered for starters


Exactly, that’s what I meant - plain wagon lol


lol - boring :stuck_out_tongue:

@max_g IDK about that, but it looks pretty great in pictures and in person as well. Just has a really menacing presence to it.


goddamit! I was just catching up on some review vids from the Paris motorshow and europe really does get ALL the best stuff. It’s not fair!

This is a Kia!


I think they should bring back the wagon queen family truckster

“You think you hate it now, wait till you drive it.”




No backing out of that deal!


Grass is always greener on the other side. Most of the stuff they get that we don’t = plain econoboxes in a different body style.


it’s more practical overseas, it’s more restrained and not excessive, America get’s the super sized version of everything, because that’s what people here want…


No room over there and fuel costs are ludicrous


well in fairness, a small nippy econobox would be perfect for LA driving. Oh what I wouldn’t give for a decent wagon (A6 Avant plz) for hauling duties and VW UP GTI for commuting. Given this is the price at my local gas station…fuel aint that much cheaper! Good old California :disappointed_relieved:



Yeah, I drove a Q5 in Italy since the Passat wagon (or similar size) I had reserved was unavailable. 5 extra MPG really matters when gas is six bucks a gallon. Also midsize wagon is much easier to maneuver and has more space.

I would get a midsize wagon here but the tour x leases terrible and outback drives in an uninspired manner. All the rest of the bigger wagons are luxury brands and expensive.


what about the Lexus UX or impreza wagon?


Posting the one station in Chinatown that always jacks up their gas prices a buck higher than other stations in the neighborhood will always skew other people’s perception of fuel prices. I don’t know why anybody bothers to fuel up at that station.