The Car Guys - has anyone heard of them?

Has anyone heard of “The Car Guys”? Apparently, they can get deals on leases, but not sure if they are legit. Please share your experiences, if you have any, because according to their website, they have pretty nice deals… Here is their website:

What are the good deals you see? I did a few spot checks and just saw the typical national level manufacture offers.

Like $379 on a base Alfa guilia with $4300 down :joy:

For example, $0 down, $399/month with 10K miles on the Infiniti QX60 (which retails for $43.3K).
Not sure what options are included. But now that I look at it, you’re right, doesn’t seem like anything out of the ordinary I suppose, unless the car is fully loaded with options…

Just wondering whether it’s even worth while reaching out to these guys and checking or whether someone had a bad experience with them.

It says it doesn’t include tax, tags and other fees. Seems like poor deals to me. Any of the brokers on here can do much better

Depending on your area I’d suggest reaching out to some of the experienced brokers here like @nyclife

They’re one of the big brokers in NYC, like signature, easy leasing, infinite leasing, etc.

The advertisements aren’t that good. That QX60 isn’t that great of a deal on a base car.

Great feedback! Thanks for saving me the trouble of reaching out to these guys.
By the way, any suggestions on good brokers in the Southern California area, or should I just keep scouring the forums?
Thanks again!

@nyclife operates in SoCal

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