The calculator sets selling price to 100% off MSRP?

Is it just me, or does the calculator automatically sets the Selling Price to 100% off MSRP as soon as you put in the MSRP… It makes more sense for it to default 0% instead yah?

Unless y’all routinely getting free cars 'round here. Where’s mine?

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It defaults to lots of things that dont apply. Up to the user to put the proper info in.


It doesn’t really default to 100% off, it just has 0’s as placeholders, and obviously 0 is going to be 100% off anything.


@IAC_Scott Thanks for the explanation – that’s exactly it. The calculator makes $0 as the default selling price.

@vinhboy You are right though – there is room for improvement. Let us revisit the code when we get a chance to chance to enhance the user experience.

Thank you!


While on the subject of calculator improvements - - recently, while attempting to compare the difference in monthly payments on different MSRP builds for a vehicle, I noticed that changing the MSRP in the calculator effects the % off MSRP and not the selling price (this remains fixed). Seems that this should be the other way around so that % off MSRP remains fixed and the selling price is adjusted based on the MSRP as each time I had a new build to compare, I needed to correct the % off MSRP.

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@vinhboy : the calculator has been updated so the selling price gets adjusted when the MSRP is entered the first time.

Hmmm what to keep as the constant is a matter of use case. Right now the calculator link shares the MSRP and selling price and the % off MSRP is a function of those two. Let us think about how to best go about it. :thinking:

My opinion is the discount % field should be fixed at 0% to start and just update with user input. Often times brokers are posting a set discount with different MSRPs and it makes comparisons difficult because you have to adjust BOTH the MSRP and the discount.

For example, I was comparing the MSRP for two different trims, both being offered at 13% but when I changed the MSRP to reflect the different trim, the discount rate changed rather than the selling price.

Hehe, there is a bug. The % off MSRP stays at 100% so the code update has no effect. I work in software so I am only laughing because I share your pain.

Hmmm how do I replicate it? Are you on mobile? The % off MSRP only updates when you click out of focus of the input field.

I noticed the same and can replicate it (I’m on desktop)

Here you go!

Streamable Link


Thank you for catching the bug! I just pushed another update – hope that fixes it.


All fixed :smiley:

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