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Over oneeeeeeee hundreeeeeeddddd thouuuuusand dollarrrrrrssssss spent on service good lord.

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And I wouldn’t doubt that for a second, especially if serviced at a dealer.

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someone spent serious money to convert to z28??? or mislabeled i see the seats say SS…

2015 Chevrolet Camaro SS 2SS With Z28 kit per description

Probably over half that repairing the crazy mineral oil hydraulic system.

If it’s not fake buy the S4 @drdvrgs there must be an easy $5k there


Has to be fake
60k??? Odometer rollback

He might have been using his Apple car to commute. :slight_smile:


Lol vin fake
Red flag

Anything comes up when you replace the I with a 1?

Well what do you know
It’s legit
Mileage checks out too

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Chain tensioner repair will cost more than asking price of the S4.

Had an S4 Avant. Peeps should stay far away from these.

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Because the whole front end has to come off?
I bought a 2001 a4 manual for 700 bucks a few years ago it was overheating was told it was the water pump
“Oh ez fix”
Got home opened the tutorial OMG :lying_face:

It ended up being the thermostat which I replaced first :melting_face:


Yep, gotta pull the engine and the labor will kill you unless you have a hoist, etc. at your garage for a DIY.

Between that and everything else you should do at that point out of caution it adds up quickly.

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Aren’t you confusing the B6-B7 S4 V8 with what was posted, a B5 S4 with the 2.7 TTV6?

Pretty sure it’s basically engine out to do anything on the 2.7TT S4 as well. Recalling a wheeler dealers episode and it was no joke.

Had an A6 with the same 2.7. Timing belt replacement is regular maintenance, every 75k. It’s built that way. “Service position” is bumper and several accessories off, it takes <15 minutes for an experienced technician or even DIYer. The engine does not come out. IIRC I paid sub $550 parts and labor for TB and WP back in 2008.

The V8’s problem is that the timing chain has guide/tensioners that eventually fail. It was not designed/built to have it replaced. There’s no way to reach it all the way at the back of the motor, so the engine has to come out. Expensive parts, even more expensive labor.


It’s a pain in the ass man
A good mechanic always ends up with extra parts when removing that front bumper

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I drove that 2.7 another 45k miles after a TB/WP job by basically a shadetree mechanic. There’s no reason for anyone wanting a B5 S4 to be scared of a TB every 75k.

The B5 platform overall has some issues. Which are always exacerbated by the 16yr old 5th owner who doesn’t keep up with maintenance, chips it, does a hack turbo job and beats on it. That’s not the case here based on the ad.

That is honestly a great find by @Batistuta


I thought he was talking about the S4 V8 and not the 6 TT.