The best of CL, forums and other private party used car sites

Same. Timeless beauty - still looks great to this day. :ok_hand:t3:

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It lost me at ‘Super Cold’, Honda’s were never noted for ‘super cold AC’. The tech manual is 55 Deg coming out deep inside the vents, when it hits the vents, it’s more like 65. When it hits your skin, it’s a light breeze temp

Also that listing reads a bit scammy, not sure why it’s a ‘Best Of CL’

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Manual Accord wagons have become quite a rare spec for a mass-produced car. Feel free to post better ones.

The copy isn’t great, maybe it’s written by a non-native English speaker but it’s not the typical curbstoner boilerplate.

I thought it was automatic
Went back and looked
Oh boy that’s a fun one

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oh my :eggplant:

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Now a 240 with only 37k? Wow, just wow. My friend had one of these and he raced the crap out of it

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hahaha i wonder why they want cash only

@Cody_Carter in your hood

I’m more OC. But that’s a good price for a raptor :sweat_smile:

Stealing Red Dead Redemption GIF by Mashed

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The broken hearts of Riverside want a fresh start