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Few questions:

#1 - How long does it take for the loan approval at ussfcu? Is it instant approval?

#2 - Once I get approved for the loan, then how many days do I have to shop and buy a new vehicle? 30 days or longer?

Thank you!

Once I uploaded the documents they requested, it was just a few days. I think I applied before the big LH rush so things moved pretty quickly.

Rates may have changed since I applied

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Buying out my lease. Got approved for 36months at 4.50% though AA Credit Union. Actual rate is 4.75%, but I get 0.25% APR direct deposit discount. Could get another 0.25% if I was a new CU member, which I’m not. Rate is locked for 60 days.

Most payroll at large employers let you split your direct deposit to multiple banks. That’s how I normally get the discount.

Very surprised yours wasn’t 4.49. Maybe they thought your loan was a new car and didn’t want to change the approval. It was supposed to be 4.49.

Just got final confirmation for new USSFC account. Started the process on 5/8. Final approval 5/23

They just raised the rates :slightly_frowning_face:

Just saw that FUUUU$$$$KKKKK. For me it like $920 more over the term of the loan. Not much but damn, this shit has to stop.

You can probably request to get rates available during application since thats when you started the process

I will ask. Never hurts.

Sharing a datapoint. Just closed on a new vehicle refinance.
Original dealer financing was with Chase for 72 months at 7.8%.
New loan with CUNJ is 66 months at 5.69% with no payments for 90 days.


Another up vote for USSFCU here - yesterday (5/25) I closed a lease buyout (Audi Q5) for 60 months @ 4.49%. Took about 2 weeks from start to finish including joining their credit union. They say they are swamped (probably LH has a lot to do with it) but they communicated through their portal every day or two until everything was set. All docs can be uploaded, DocuSign for loan docs, etc.

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You must have gotten in before the rush. They are taking forever to just open an account.

96 months, anyone?

With nearly 8% on top of it. MY. WORD.

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How dare you?


Well I’ve had my first laugh of the day LOLOL. Stab you in the back and smile while you bleed… I would definitely call that compassion. :smile:

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Financing a car for 96 months isn’t a good idea, but 7.84% for 8 years to pay is actually pretty amazing in today’s economic reality and rates.

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1125 x 96 = 107,904 on 80k lmao

Yep, not a good idea at all but actually a pretty good rate for EIGHT YEARS to pay off a car you can’t afford anyway when compared to some rates that are 6% or so for 4 or 5 years.

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